Capital View (Oliver Towers redevelopment)



  • I've been by there also and I'm impressed with the look the new windows give it. I really had my doubts about this one but I think it's going to turn out ok, maybe even better than ok.
  • Sounds like they are naming this one "Capital View," which is a bit strange since "Capitol View" was the original name of the current state Senate office building. lol

  • I think the name will work OK as most people nowadays would not know the name Oliver Towers. Was the original name honoring someone named Oliver? I can not remember how it got that name. It is really looking great. I guess the upper floors would actually have a "Capital" View.

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    I was only laughing because everyone already knows the Senate office building at the "Capitol View," so it might confuse some people until they start getting used to the current name of the Senate office building.

    Oliver Towers was named after Ann M. Oliver, the president of the Lansing Housing Commission (1966-1968) at the time this building was planned. The building was completed in 1971.

  • Thanks! I am sort of like Icabad Crane in that I was away for 35 years before waking up in 21st Century Lansing! so I do not remember the names of either building, it might be a problem like calling MLK, Logan Street.

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    New rendering and progress from the general contractor:
    I liked it better when it had some light-colored trimming, quite frankly. Fortunately, it looks like it's turning out better in reality than the cheap rendering.
  • Some color would be nice, think this building is looking very good and will be fully rented very quickly.
  • I'm content without any crazy colors here, I'm just still surprised at just how much difference those windows make. I wouldn't call it eye-catching but it's design is simple and the materials are quality, it'll age well. Now just to get LCC to do something with the rest of the block.
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