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    Can anyone see over the fence to see if this one restarted? We've heard nothing about this one since about a month ago, and it appears they have construction equipment on the site according to this tweet from the city yesterday:

    Whose the general contractor/constructor for this one, BTW? I'm not sure if they ever talked about this.

  • I thing they're drilling pilings right now, they definitely have a drill rig on site. They also have most of the site excavated, though it doesn't look all that deep, easily less than 10 feet I'd guess. I'm usually by in the evening so I don't see what they're actually doing during the day.

  • I was by there last evening driving on Grand River, but wasn't by it long enough to see much beyond some excavation. Yeah, seeing as how it doesn't have any basement levels, they won't have to go that far down.

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    Guess I'd missed this, too:

    DRW Convexity Project at Blighted Corner Is Back On Track

    Apparently, EastLansingInfo had written a story of this in late January.

    DRW Convexity's project for East Lansing’s long-blighted vacant downtown corner is back on track.

    Two weeks ago, ELi broke the story that the major redevelopment project by DRW Convexity had been put on hold because the developers submitted plans for building permits that didn’t match what City Council had approved.

    East Lansing Director of Planning Tim Dempsey told ELi today that now the developers have submitted a new set of plans aimed at matching what Council approved. Planning staff is reviewing them now, and is not anticipating any additional major problems.

    In the meantime, foundation permits for the project’s biggest building have been approved. Excavation has started on the corner lot at Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue.


    The excavators working there recently found some unexpected old foundation, so that’s caused a bit of an unexpected delay, but it’s all expected to still be basically on schedule.


    A major electrical trunk line owned by the Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) runs underground where the new 13-story building is set to be constructed. That line, which serves most of downtown, has to be moved as part of this project.

    Oh, and EastLansingBuzz actually had an update for this one, too, from Friday:

    The construction team is mobilized and ready to drill dozens of auger cast piles at the corner of W. Grand River and Albert. Test piles have been poured and will be evaluated after they are cured and pressured tested. Once they pass inspection, the contractor will start work to drill and pour over 110 piles. This will continue to be the main thrust of the work for several weeks.

    Periodic single lane closures in the 100 block of Abbot Road and along Albert Ave, between Abbot and Evergreen Ave., are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of 02/18/19, to accommodate utility work by the Board of Water and Light.

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    Looks like Convexity also finally has this one up on their pages with the updated renderings. I guess the name is now simply "100 West Grand River":

    I'm still interested to see the updated siteplans, and wonder if they'll be on the city website somewhere?

  • I guess I'm happy with the look of this and definitely happy to see it finally underway. We can all breath a 10-year sigh of relief.

    I think this project has good urban design sensibility. I like the smaller building -- it harkens back to some of the 1960s-70s high-rise apartment buildings scattered around downtown Lansing..... Hopefully this has a more contemporary feel :)

    This will look awesome as we are driving east on Michigan ave.

    What arch firm is working on this?? I commend them for working through a lot of design options and seemingly striking a decent balance between a picky city and an (embattled?) developer.

  • Lastly, the views from these new apt buildings out onto campus must be stunning. From the parking garages, campus looks like a giant carpet (tree canopy) w occasional buildings and landmarks cropping up. Evryone should check out this view if you've not already!

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    Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) out of Chicago designed this one. Does anyone know who the general contractor is on this one?

    BTW, if anyone passed by today, let us know if you saw any drilling. It was supposed to start today according to EastLansingBuzz.

  • This depiction looks good. I wonder why they put out those other drawings a while ago just to see if we were paying attention? I think these facades will catch and reflect the sunlight from the west. It looks like a good balance of brick and glass.

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    EastLansingBuzz's weekly update says that the test pilings were successful and they began doing actual piling on Monday. What they didn't specify is whether or not this is both buildings, or just the apartment building.

    EDIT: City says that it's just the apartment building, and that foundation plans for the Graduate Hotel are being filed, so construction should start on that soon.

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