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  • Were they yet tearing down the existing shop or just working behind it? Sounds like maybe the new building will be centered more towards the central part of the lot instead of on the corner.

  • @MichMatters I was by the complete hitch place a few days ago with someone who lives by there and we wondering what they were doing there. Thanks for finding that out and sharing. I was also noticing how ripe that corner is for development, every side of that intersection in underdeveloped or undeveloped.
  • The work on the outside of the new storage facility at S.Washington and Holmes is beginning as I noticed they were pulling up the blacktop! I think this may be the first time in the history of Lasing that a blacktopped underused parking lot has been pulled up to make way for more green space and less parking! that is really remarkable! I am hoping this new green space will look a lot better than the area does now.

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    LSJ has a story this morning of some businesses moving to South Lansing:

    Panera Bread, Five Below and Stock & Field prepare to open within weeks in south Lansing

    LANSING — Three new businesses are headed to southeast Lansing to the shopping area along Edgewood Boulevard with openings this month or in September.

    Panera Bread is preparing to open in late August or early September at the corner of Edgewood and South Cedar Street, a manager said.

    The fast-casual restaurant, located at the site of a former Finley's Grill & Smokehouse, will include a drive-through.


    Across the street, discount store Five Below is preparing for an Aug. 30 grand opening in the Edgewood Towne Center. The retailer, which uses  the slogan "hot stuff, cool prices" caters to tweens and teens with merchandise priced at $5 and below.

    The shopping area will have another new occupant next month when Stock & Field, an agriculture and outdoor sports retailer, opens at the site of a former Sam's Club.

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    The City Pulse did a story on the redevelopment of the old EDS center this week, and specifically the ripping up of the excessive parking lot:

    Like the Talking Heads song, we’ll be able to sing, “Once there were parking lots, now it’s a peaceful oasis.”

    The brawny construction workers from Eagle Excavation are busy busting up the blacktop and bulldozing earth in front of an old eyesore, the abandoned big box at Holmes Road and Washington Avenue.

    A brownfield deal the city struck last year in south Lansing is bearing fruit: An Extra Space Storage facility is to open in September in the old Electronic Data Systems call center, which worked out of the long unused building before it left after five years in 2013.

    The excavators are shrinking the large, ugly parking lot in front of the building and putting in earthen landscaping to be covered with plants and a small neighborhood park.

    Unfortunately, the article also mentions the city has kind of backed off - at least in tone - putting pressure on the new owners of Logan Square to redevelop the property to reflect the changes in how retail function, these days.

  • I noticed some construction going on at the former dry cleaners at S. Washington Ave and Dunlap Street. What is going in there I wonder? Maybe they are just cleaning up the site. Down the street at the new storage facility the green space/ parking area is moving along with earth brims being formed on the Washington side. It's really something that the developers are doing this, there must be good money in storage.

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    That's the old Kent Cleaners; my family used to use them. Looking at the city website, the only "construction" is to remove the slab and foundations. So, just a vacant lot for now. Looks like the the same company has owned the site since Kent sold it in 2006. Makes you wonder what they are going to do with the land. Probably market it. It's a good-sized site, just a bit under half-an-acre and zoned for commercial usage.

  • Wasn't that the piece of land someone was proposing a dispensary on awhile ago? I'm pretty sure there was one proposed for either that site or to go in the building that the daycare is in next door. I've been by there and sort of just assumed that's what was going on.
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    I vaguely remember something down this way, but I thought it was at an existing building on the other side of the street? Anyway, currently there aren't anything that far south on Washington pending for any kind of marijuana establishment:

    Anyway, the oridnance passed back in 2017 wouldn't let them within even 500 feet of a daycare.

  • There were two dispensaries in this plaza;,-84.5657126,3a,81.4y,19.18h,96.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sdMvgUpWZz-TPwE-q7SMXaw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    I know because I went into one to sign the petition for legalization on the ballot. Neither are there now though.

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