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  • The construction of the new Lake Trust Bank branch at St. Joe and S. Washington branch has begun, lots of digging going on. I hope it is a good looking building, a bank branch is not very exciting but it is nice to see a building going up on a former surface parking lot. I did not note whether they took out the nice row of trees that were blooming there just the other day. I hope not. I expect they don't stand a chance!
  • Just a little tree update. The nice row of flowering plum trees that were blooming the other day at St Joe and Washington are indeed gone. I am sure they were in an area that will be a parking lot when the bank opens, car vs tree, the car always wins in Lansing.:{
  • Looks like Pablo's sold their property in REO town a couple weeks ago. The purchaser is L&P Properties LLC, which seems tied to a general contractor called Trumble Group. Their website shows that they did work on a number of recent developments in the Lansing area. This makes me wonder what the planned purpose will be for this site now that Pablo's has backed out. Hopefully more information will be public soon!
  • Thank you for that information. I hope there will be something fun that will be going in there, and also I hope they don't just sit on it, it would be nice to see activity on that corner. I wonder if Pablo made a profit on the sale, they did do a lot of preliminary work over on the building.
  • Saw a construction trailer out back behind the site of the Michigan Realtors project on Durant Park, yesterday. Looks like a demolition permit for 700 North Washington was filed on the 12th.
  • Only major planning thing up for approval at next week's city council meeting is the special land use permit for the rebuilding of the Gannon garage at LCC. I didn't see that they update the materials in the packet, as I thought I remember LCC announcing they'd add two additional floors to make up for not building down the street. Also, it's being designed withe Grand and Capitol going two-way.
  • I noticed that the new Lake Trust building is being built right next to the sidewalks lining up with the small office building next door on S Washington. It is great to see the parking will be away from the corner and they did save one tree! I am impressed that they considered a more urban design fronting the sidewalk and street. I hope it is a nice looking building when finished.
  • Looks like the old building at the northeast corner of Washington and Saginaw has finally been taken down as work continues on the Realtors HQ site.
  • Finally got down to MLK and Holmes yesterday, and saw the redo of the old Colonial bar into Gage Cannabis Co. It was really busy and it was nice to see this corner cleaned up if even I wished they've have redeveloped the site. Also, Skymint's second Lansing location on Saginaw and Penn opened last week, and looks really nice. And, in the same vein, I kind of wish this one would have been redeveloped after the passing of the form-based code, too, because it'd have required both of them to be on the actual corner instead of the parking being on the corner. But I'm just glad to see these vacant sites reused and cleaned.
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    The Michigan Strategic Fund awarded some funds for community revitalization, today, in the face of COVID-19. Two Lansing projects that got them are the Temple Building redevelopment in Old Town, and the Allen Neighborhood Center expansion.
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