The Abbot & The Graduate (Park District)



  • Both of these have gone vertical:

    Pavers have been put across Albert at the crosswalk near Abbot, too:

  • Some more recent renderings of The Abbot:

  • This looks pretty good! The rooftop fun zone is very cool! There is going to be a great view from up there.

  • They put out a new rendering of this one looking up Abbot, this week. Weirdly, they didn't render in the Graduate Hotel rising literally next door. lol

  • So the front building on Grand River at the corner is the residential building, I was thinking this would be the hotel. I'm a little confused as this looks like a different view of the same drawing from Aug. 9. In other words, is this drawing is just of the residence and the hotel is going to be another building?

  • yeah the hotel will be in the grass lot directly left of this
  • That's a very cool rendering but so weird that they put in grass next door.
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    If you look, they also left out the Graduate Hotel in their other renderings. It's really shady. lol I could understand leaving it out if it was only proposed and they weren't sure that it'd be built, but the core of the hotel is probably currently taller than the core of the apartment building. I really wish I could get a photograph of it; it's a very hard one to photograph given it's location. I have a picture of the progress on the apartment building, though, from Grand River:


    EDIT: Figured it out.
  • Can you upload the picture to this site?
  • I answered my own question by driving out to take a look. The hotel is rising in the green space depicted in the drawing. It is interesting that they are giving the apartments a more prominent location and view. The Hub and The Landmark look so great! lots of activity around those locations.
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