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  • This will be a great for bike commuters, a more direct route than the scenic river trail. I think you could go from Frandor to Downtown in around 20 minutes on what looks to be this very flat easy to ride route.

  • Yeah this route will be great for commuters as well as leisure travel. Great to see movement here!

  • This is awesome. So the rivertrail mostly runs north/south and this project runs east. What are the chances we can get a connection to the Delta Twp trails to the west? A dedicated bike lane running along Willow could pretty much solve that. Or connecting to that existing bike lane on Saginaw somehow.
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    The completition of the bike lane extension along East Kalamazoo Street (between Washington and Larch) and the other connection to the River Trail at the Kalamazoo Street bridge was completed earlier this week. Took about a month:

  • The colon at the end of your message has me hoping that you were trying to include a picture :)

    Were you able to get a picture of the new bike lane?

  • There's a pic there, this is the URL:

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    Oh, thanks! My browser had blocked it because it was loading from twitter :p

    What does that second solid white line separate? It's nice to see more bike lines, would be nicer if they were protected though.

  • Agreed protected is the best way forward.

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    EDIT: Got that wrong. Was by their today. The land between the solid lines is the eastbound through lane; directly north of it is the turn lane. Not sure why they have it solid all the way back to Cedar, though, though maybe it's because people used to be confused and get caught in the turn lane wanting to go through. So maybe you make them aware of it immediately after crossing Cedar.

  • It looks like there would be enough room to build a protected bike lane, maybe even a small narrow median [with grass and flowers?] all the way to East Lansing. Kalamazoo Street past Hunter Park is really a mess these days, the bike lane is full of debris from the crumbling street surface, not really good for biking. It would so great if they repaved the whole length of the street or at least sweep it if they actually want people to use that bike lane.

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