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  • Seems like an odd situation to come back and ask for more money after everything's been approved and construction has already begun.
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    In a article detailing a new retail establishment coming to Trowbridge Lofts, there was this interesting little nugget:
    All 57 studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments in the complex have been booked for the past four months, he said.

    “We could have filled double that amount,” McGraw said. “The lofts are less than 100 yards from campus and walkable to all athletic stadiums and restaurants (in the plaza).”

    This is why they should have allowed this at the original size and why I'm laughing at this attempt up the road by residents to scale back University Village. East Lansing is now in the position that it could be one of the fastest growing large cities in the state if city leadership would allow it.

  • The demand for quality student housing near campus is incredible, however since most students aren't considered permanent residents it doesn't do much for population figures. Developments like this one are just scratching the surface of the demand that exists, there will be more, larger and higher quality developments to come.

    On another note, the apartment building in this development is pretty ugly. Most of the upper three floors are faced with what looks like corrugated metal, everything else appears to be of mediocre quality. Not a horrible development especially given its location, but it's certainly nothing special or worth emulating.
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    Not technically Trowbridge Village, but this seems like a good thread to encompass the entire area. I shop at the Fresh Thyme fairly regularly, but today was literally the first time I noticed the SpringHill Suites by Marriott East Lansing University Area. I'd seen it in the city council agendas a week or two ago, as they are seeking to sell alcohol in the little sundry room, but this is literally the first time I noticed it with my own eyes. Apparently, it opened last month some time. The 88 room, 4-story hotel sits near the back of the site, so maybe that's why it never caught my eye. Apparently the retail building at the front of the lot is still under construction. This one is called Trowbridge Crossings.

    Looking back the the staff report for this one, it's crazy to see that this one has 37 fewer parking space than is usually required and they got a reduction per the zoning code which allows it. They also had to request a special use permit for: the hotel, which exceeds by two stories what's allowed in this zoning district, and for a drive-thru restaurant space in the retail building.

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    The special use and site plan application for 947 Trowbridge is going before the planning commission at their June 26 meeting. This is the one for the reconstruction of the old Quality Dairy at the site into a two-unit commercial building, one unit which will include a Biggby Coffee shop and the other speculative commercial space. The special use is for a drive-thru for the Biggby unit, which is a special use in East Lansing.

    The Quality Dairy closed in May 2016.

    Quality Dairy to close in competitive Trowbridge corridor

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    After driving through the area recently, I noticed there are quite a few interesting little developments going on in and around Trowbridge. It looks like the old Asian market/restaurant building is getting close to occupancy after sitting vacant for some time. Also, there is activity inside the old Hobie's bar in the strip mall. Finally, there is a sign on the Wendy's building that the location has permanently closed... does anyone know if that property has changed hands recently?
  • As far as I knew the Wendy's was bought out by the people who built the new apartment building there. I think they were going to tear it down when they were planning a larger second building at the West end of the site.
  • Yeah, it appears Trowbridge Village owns the site, but it's so narrow the only thing they'd likely use it for it to expand the existing parking lot for the apartments located directly to the west. Looking it up on the Ingham County equalization map ( looks like it's 75' x 477'.
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