Grand River Expansion of Navigation

edited December 2014 in Lansing
Wouldn't it be great if we could have the entire grand river to navigate through out the city. Is this just wishful thinking or is it a viable option? I think this would be great for downtown and oldtown and southwest, not to mention reo town and MSU campus. I know there are dams along certain parts.
What are your thoughts?


  • I think it's wishful thinking for the foreseeable future. The dams stand in the way, and if they weren't dams they'd be rapids, either of which would require locks to get around. I used to think it would be cool if the Grand River were made navigable all the way into Lansing from Lake Michigan, but the days of projects like that are long gone.
  • What are Locks?
  • They sorta work as an elevator for ships/boats: Locks - Wikipedia

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