The Venue at East Town (formerly East Town Flats)



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    Scott Gillespie, unfortunately, it sort of known for the cheap siding. He did the same thing on the The Avenue just down the street at Clemens. Nice looking building from Michigan and even most of Clemens, but he literally just plastered the thing with cheap vinyl in the back off the parking lot. At least its on the back, though. It is sort of weird to be advertising hardwood floors and then see this on the back of the building, but I guess the exterior is better than a lot of the stuff you get for a studio starting out at $725 a month in central Lansing, these days.

    Speaking of which, I saw in the news when they announced the council passing East Town Flats, this week, that they kept refering to the area as "downtown." I can't figure out if it's a mistake or how far developers are trying to extend the definition of "downtown" to justify the rents they are asking for some of these places near the eastern edge of the city of Lansing. lol
  • Now that I see the large drawing I also feel like, OK it is different, but now I think it is going to look like many of the large apartment blocks on Grand River in East Lansing. Many of those remind me of military housing on American bases in Germany. I am not against a "high rise" but here we have nothing new or different in the way it might relate to the neighborhood or any gesture to what was [is] there.
  • The buildings here have been fenced off for a few days now and the equipment for demolition is on site, I'd assume demolition should get going anytime.

    It looks like like work has begun on the new brewery the next block down also.
  • Has the design changed at all in the time they last posted one?
  • I don't know what's going on with it, the rendering on The Gillespie Company homepage is of the initial design.
  • I am hoping that it is just an over site, and no one updated the web page. That building design was judged awful.
  • I was sure they would cut down the trees first. I saw the old design again on the lSJ page. Michigan Ave looks like a street in a impoverished developing country.
  • Can't believe they tore those buildings down when there is a huge vacant lot a block away.
  • @subterranean Yeah, that aspect of it is disappointing, as is the fact that there are so many other houses and sub-par storefronts along Michigan Ave that I would've liked to see redeveloped first. Hopefully building a relatively large development at a key intersection along the corridor really will be a catalyst for the surrounding blocks.
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