The Crossing/Shiwassee Senior Lofts

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I found a site plan and a little more info on these projects in the 9/26/2016 Committee of the Whole agenda packet (pages 29-48).

The project is being developed by the Miller Valentine Group,they appear to be based out of Ohio. There will be two four-floor buildings of 77 units each with one building facing Shiawassee and the other sitting back on the lot.

Site plan

Another one of the developers projects given as an example of what to expect here


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    A few observations/questions:

    - I notice that they are going to ask for a special land use permit instead of going through the rezoning process, and see that the condos across the street did the same thing. Is it just that it's a shorter process than going through the rezoning process? Always thought it was kind of weird this stuff still show up as Light Industrial on zoning maps instead of just requesting the zoning changed. Maybe it'd be difficult to go through the planning board to get something like this changed to residential because of its location on the railroad tracks? I need to read up on the process, but that's my guess. The council approves SPU's while a rezoning would require it going through the planning board and then to the city council, so you just cut out the middle-man.

    - Is "workforce" a euphemism for low-income, here?

    - I've always been surprised by the condos they built south of Shiawassee because I grew up a few blocks from here and the trains were loud (and you could feel the vibrations, even) from where I lived. I just can't imagine living right on an at-grade railroad line. It's never going to happen, but I've always wished the tracks traveled in a cut through downtown. I LOVE that the developers have a good sense of humor by naming the one closest to Shiawassee as The Crossing. lol Yeah, the railroad crossing.

    - Finally, just glad to see something being built at this location as it seems Shiawassee has continued to be a barrier as if developers don't want to cross it because of the VOA. I'd definitely like to see this area developed more on the affordable end of things as opposed to what we've seen south of Shiawassee, but it needs to be redeveloped, nonetheless.
  • I was wondering the same thing about the zoning, I have no idea why they wouldn't just rezone.

    I'm also glad to see development crossing Shiawassee. I do hope that they incorporate at least some retail at Larch & Shiawassee though, it'd be disappointing if they didn't. I'd also prefer if they put The Crossing a little closer to both streets, but this site plan seems very preliminary so things may still change.
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    The plan doesn't show any or speak to any being built. I have noticed that the old service station turned gallery across the street has packed up and moved. I imagine the Gillespie's are eventually going to do something with that corner and the old NAPA auto parts store next door, though. There really does need to be some kind of general retail in the area. All you really have right now is the QD and Riverfront Mall (and little shopping plaza across from it on Cedar) at the north end of the neighborhood if you wanted to walk there from this location, and it's quite a bit further than it looks given the length of the block.
  • It will be good to have that empty area developed. I had not been down that way, and I never noticed the condos they built on Pere Marquette, it looks kind of desolate back there, but it really is in the middle of the whole city. This development is going to help bring more development to an area that would seem to be a natural spot for housing. Except for the tracks I guess. Over here in REOtown the trains rumble through day and night. It does not shake my building but the train horns are really load. I really have become use to the horns, and can tell the difference between the Amtrak horn and the CN freight trains. I am four blocks away, and I have to say that it would be really load right next to the tracks. maybe they will build with that in mind.
  • Interesting. So it is a euphemism, just not in the way I thought it was. It's basically marketing at middle class folks who want to live in new construction higher-end developments. So, The Crossing isn't going to be "low-income" at all. On the scale, I'd say that it's probably at the upper-end of what they call "affordable" housing, so maybe like a step down or two from things like the nearby Outfield and Marketplace.
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