Clinton County/North Metro Development

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St. John is getting a massive dairy processing plant. This is a huge deal for such a small town, and really the metro as a whole given the size of this facility.

$555 million dairy processing operation will add nearly 300 jobs in St. Johns****

ST. JOHNS — One of the largest dairy processing operations in the country is expected to open in St. Johns by 2020 creating nearly 300 jobs, state and local officials announced Thursday.
The $555 million project will sit on 146 acres in St. Johns, a portion of which was land that previously belonged to Bingham Township.
“This is a huge deal not only for the region but for the state overall,” said Jeff Mason, the director of the Michigan Economic Development Corp.
The project will have "a profound impact" on St. Johns and the agriculture development in the state for decades, said Bob Trezise, the president and CEO of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership. LEAP, a regional economic development agency that works in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties, first started working on the project three years ago.


The project will be built on 146 acres in the St. Johns industrial park. Bingham Township transferred 55 acres of that land into St. Johns through a conditional land transfer agreement as part of the project. The project will break ground this fall, and construction should ramp up next spring. When complete, the plant is projected to process 8 million pounds of milk per day and produce 300 million pounds of cheese a year, Dardis said.
It will be in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Trezise said. Glanbia will build as part of the project a wastewater treatment plant to handle waste not used by Proliant.

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  • It was fun to watch this one go up over the past few years, as I pass by now I think of the enormous amounts of milk they must need everyday, and I can understand where the milk comes from, the giant industrial dairy farms where hundreds of cows just stand there in a barn and eat all day. That is where all the feed crops they grow these days on the thousand-acre fields that surround the area gets sold. Despite the industrial nature of farming these days it is good to see this huge local consumer of Michigan crops and ag-products which helps the farmers to prosper.
  • I was looking through some recent township board agendas for DeWitt Township since they are about to transfer 34 acres to the city for the expansion of Emergent BioSolutions, and found this rather large project planned in the township. Planned to be located at a farm at the southeast corner of Clark Road and Myers - this is just west of US-27 - the project will include 115 detached single-family homes, 20 ranch condominiums, and 88 two-story condominiums. It's about 78 acres. The township board approved the developers Planned Unitd Development (PUD) and Special Use Permit at their May 24th meeting, along with the 425 Agreement land transfer to Lansing.

    Sprawl, but at least it has a variety of housing types and tenures.
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