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Is the print edition of the Lansing State Journal better than their website? I read newspapers online from across the country, mostly from places I once lived. No matter whether it is a big paper (LA Times, Freep, etc.) or small town (Visalia Times Delta, Midland Daily News, etc.) they seem to have more and better coverage of local news and development issues.

I really don't care about the Williamston Cheerleaders attending cheer camp, or the St. Johns firefighters hosting a chile supper!


  • I have mixed feelings about the LSJ, but I can't judge them compared to other newspapers, because I don't read other newspapers. Theres definately room for improvement though.
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    The LSJ, as much as I'd like to like it, is a substandard newspaper, on and offline. There is no reason for a paper of a capital city to be so sparse and silly. It's called the STATE journal, yet the paper doesn't even have a capitol correspondant, I don't believe. There should be an ENTIRE section devoted to just what's going on in the state, instead of the one or two stories you get about state issues every day. I sometimes learn more about what's going on in-state from the Free Press and News.
  • I hate the LSJ. It contains nothing of substance that can't be found on the AP wire. In depth reporting is in short supply as many of the articles leave out key facts or contain incorrect information.

    They decrease the size of the paper then try to spin it as "easier to read".

    It's really a disgrace to the city and I wish we had another daily alternative. I choose to get my news elsewhere.
  • LSJ reflects what most newspapers are going through; they're are expected to turn a handsome profit every year, and reducing page size and content help offset any advertising losses. Mediocrity reigns. And the minute someone introduces an alternative (Lansing City Pulse), HQ freaks (Gannett) and rolls out their own "alt" paper (NOISE) in hopes of hogging the few ad dollars in town and running the upstart alternative out of town.
  • I don't like the Noise either, it pales compared to the City Pulse. I tend to read the LSJ online, check news 6 and news 10, read the City Pulse and occasionally check in on the State News, Community Newspapers and Noise, with all that I think I keep up on things. But really LSJ should have virtually everything, newspapers are supposed to be THE source for news.
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