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  • They need to bring the neon signage back to Washington Ave
  • I don't beleive I've ever posted this before, it's the hotel that used to be where Deluxe Inn is now. It was almost as ugly as Deluxe Inn, but at least it was somewhat unique.

  • Is that facing unto Washington or Main? It must have been quite a site. lol
  • I beleive it's facing main, but I'm not sure.
  • Lansing peak population was about 130,000. Many other Michigan cities are far off from their peak population. I was watching the news and the state of Michigan has hit record for people moving out of the state. It was said that 67% of the nations movers are ones moving out of Michigan. I was surprise by those numbers, and wonder what type of residents are we losing?
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    Found this while wasting time on Flickr. Been a long time since I saw this sign.
    Schmidt's Grocery on Flickr
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    Not sure if anyone's seen this, but I thought it was interesting:

    Vintage Lansing video

  • Can't believe I missed this thread.

    Anyway, a few corrections from the earlier posts.

    - I believe the Lake Shore & Southern Michigan (LS&SM) depot was north of Michigan and west of Cedar, probably just north of where the current city market stands, and probably on the backside of where the former city market stood.

    - The former Lansing Civic Players building on Michigan was Fire Station #8. I'm not sure where #1 was, but it may have been close to the current one, or maybe even in Old Town. I don't remember.
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    The Lansing State Journal had a little history blurb about the Lansing Civic Center. Anyone old enough to remember it or remember having one? I remember going once as a child to see a circus not long before it was closed. It stretches my mind to see that there was once a neighborhood around it; it's so hard to picture the near-westside having never seen it and only knowing the acres of surface parking lots around the area, these days.




    The thing was ugly as sin, but I'll miss it. Every city of a certain size deserves a civic auditorium; I was sad to see it go. The Lansing Center is nice, but doesn't serve the exact same purpose.
  • I agree, I miss the Civic Center. Granted, I don't know much about it, I moved to the area in 1997. I grew up near Saginaw (and their Civic Center/Dow Event Center is one of the bright spots of downtown). I don't imagine that we'll see a new arena in Lansing (near downtown) for some time. Especially with Breslin and the Wharton Center nearby. Hopefully I'm wrong. Perhaps the best chance would be when Munn Ice arena on campus is eventually rebuilt. (They are currently planning/beginning renovations in lieu of rebuilding. Don't get me wrong, I do like Munn.) Perhaps a new MSU hockey arena would someday be built in Lansing eastside, shared with a new semi-pro team (OHL, etc). Probably wishful thinking. I can't imagine MSU would have a sports tram play off-campus. Apologies for getting off-topic, but I would also like to see MSU offer a few classes in downtown Lansing (similar to Davenport, LCC, Cooley), perhaps a specific major. Not sure that they ever would?
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