'08 predictions



  • Aaaah, gotcha. Now that you cleared that up with me, I think that another hotel in "Downtown" East Lansing would certainly be a good thing. Get more people to experience the nightlife rather than shove them east of Hagadorn. Thanks for letting me know Jared.
  • I was just thinking of something else I expect to happen in 2008. I think there will be something announced regarding the Knapps building, I've heard a rumor or two, I think somethings up.
  • East Lansing is going to be the hot spot for a lot of redevelopment work this year.
  • All thats going on out there is Museum Place (maybe), and the new hotel at West Village, right? Besides the preditable additions to the Northern Tier, of course...
  • wait and see....
  • Ahhh, so you must have some sort of "inside" knowledge, huh?
  • I am not that close to the decision makers in lansing so who really knows, all I can say is that there seems to be a lot of talk about east lansing. Of course, if I had a nickle for everytime some shot off their mouth about a project I would be a wealth guy!
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