Downtown condos

edited March 2008 in Lansing
I ran across the article below and thought it was something to consider for downtown Lansing, especially considering all the condos going in and the Capitol Club Tower being developed. I actually don't think downtown Lansing is quite at this point yet, but if the current pace continued for 5 years, I think we could easily hit this point. However, one critique of the article I have is that they don't consider the possibility that the price of the condos downtown had ballooned more than some in the suburbs, and this could be a reason why they are falling faster than other places in LA. If that is the case, with the tax breaks and all, I don't think a place like the Capitol Club Tower is in danger of this same problem. Not to mention downtown Lansing doesn't have the same pitfalls against it as downtown LA does as mentioned in the article. Few people I know are that scared of downtown Lansing, at least not like LA.,0,3006637.story


  • While I think that Lansing is going to go through a lull in projects after the proposed ones are built, I think the downtown housing market will do well for a couple of reasons. First, Lansing has a very different mentality than LA, Lansing is more akin to Chicago, where downtown has been booming and shows no sign of slowing down. Also, it appears that LA's downtown hit it's peak during the subprime housing boom, whereas Lansing should be hitting it's boom during the inevitable housing market rebound.

    Basically I think Lansing, especially downtown Lansing will continue to improve, largely because before now nothing was happening, so now we're just catching up with the pent-up demand.
  • I do think that housing can do well in downtown lansing. The only problem is lack of a grocery store, but the city market may help in that regard.
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