New BWL plant

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BWL to propose new power plant

The BWL is planning a 250 Mw power plant adjacent to it's Ericson Station. Its estimated to cost $1 billion. They also said the Eckert Station is scheduled to close in 2025. This ought to be interesting...


  • The timelines of utilities always throws me for a loop. As someone interested in historic architecture, it will be sad to eventually see the old Moores Park/Eckert Station go, but that is still over 15 years away, it seems. lol

    For Eckert, I'd always envisioned them simply restructuring the plant for a greener operation (i.e coating it in solar panels, attaching wind turbines to the huge chimneys, etc...)
  • I can't imagine life without the three towers..
  • I was thinking the same thing, although even if it closes in 2025 it will be awhile before anything gets tore down, if ever.
  • I read in the article, today, that the reason the timeline appears so long is because they are expecting being sued by environmentalist, so the timeline is the most liberal one they could come up with. Depending on whether or not they get sued this could be sooner rather than later.
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