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  • Today in the an artical pointed out that there will the need for at least 7,500 housing units in Greater Lansing due to many large employers opening new facilities that will offer thousands of new jobs. It seems like we are improving the infrastructure [roads drains power production sewers etc.] for that, but not in the housing area. My ideas about a new MLK which I think could be a two wide lane straight boulevard [in the path of old Logan Street] with wide sidewalks bike lanes, and smaller median with "Michigan left turns" and left turn lanes at traffic lights. This would open up a lot of space for housing development.
    I hope that I have added some interesting opinions and observations. I am not an expert in any of these areas, but I do remember the old Logan Street which was very busy of course but full of life homes businesses and the thing that the big boulevard and M-99 projects never included which is people. These days a lot of folks will support or not support an issue having not much knowledge about the issue they are opining about. [support for Hamas, MAGA, all guns all the time, stop support for Ukraine, keep the boulevard] which make no sense to people on the other side of their position, I hope that I am not one of those people. I have been interested in Lansing development since I was a boy in the '60s. which is why I really enjoy this site. I don't think we really need "gate keepers" to keep people on subject, or pointing out someone's post if they find it inappropriate, as this is a casual discussion site, IMO not a professional site, so it's OK to be wrong about something or have it pointed out. I enjoy the more technical observations by folks who do know more about these issues than I do, but I believe there is a space for everyone expert or not. "Be nice" is my moto!
  • I'd agree with you @gbdinlansing. I'd love to see some hybrid of this plan. The median is huge, and 6 lanes are definitely not needed. Is it really necessary to removed the median? Any street in the area that has a middle lane is often used for many other purposes than what it's intended for. People use it for merging, passing, etc. I feel like a reduced median that maintains the Michigan lefts and reduced lanes would be safer and something most, on both sides of the argument, could get behind.

    Also, love your motto lol.
  • I'd think a four lane boulevard with a wider median than what the city was proposing should reasonably satisfy most parties, I'd be all for it. I generally like boulevards when there's space and a need for them.
  • Just an observation, I have had reason to travel on E. Michigan Ave and found that it looks really terrible with the trees all cut down. I would suppose there are not many who remember what Michigan Ave. looked like before those trees were planted in the '70s, but I do and that is how it looks today. No trees and a lot of shabby looking store fronts and homes. These features were less visible behind trees but now stand out again. After the street has been rebuilt it would be good if the city focused on the "bad teeth" on the avenue, renovating or building new retail space and housing. While I am hoping the street's improvements will help spur redevelopment when it is finished, I have sympathy for the businesses along the street during that process as it does not look very welcoming now. I also noticed the Jerusalem Bakery was closed and being renovated? I hope that is the case I really love that shop.
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