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  • Well, looks like one of the two earlier disputed deaths was officially classified as a homicide, today:

    20-year-old Lansing Man Charged in Death of Maceo Marsell Buchanan
  • Another murder bringing it to 8 for Lansing (1 homicide still under investigation). This time, a long-time Westside grandmother is believed to have been killed by her grandson:

    19-year-old Lansing Man Charged With Killing His Grandmother

    East Lansing general violent crime (minus robberies) looked to be up for 2007, though, Robberies, burglaries, larcenies and auto thefts are down:

    E.L. Crime Data Show Uptick
  • Anyone have the latest data for Lansing crime this year so far? Recently told awful news ( on another thread) that the murders for the year so far may be at 10.
  • Crime numbers aren't released for this uear until they are released by the FBI sometime early next year.
  • LMich,

    I would also encourage you to look at the social-economic make of the city as well when making your comparisons. Lansing is a great city and has wonderful people living here. I believe that is what makes this a great city to live in and I live in what many outsiders consider a tough neighborhood. My neighbors are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. In a resent snow storm, I watched my neighbors help stranded motorist dig their way out of the snow and even offer one stranded senior a cup of coffee while they waited.

    Crime is relevant. Most of the murders and assaultive crimes this year were committed between acquaintances. I would also point out the number of major crimes that are solved in Lansing compared to other cities. Our police force may have it share of problems, but solving crime seems to be one of the things they can do. While Citizen Observer ( is not a statistical database, you can use it to create your own tracking device for crime documented by the LPD.
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    Believe me, given the cities make-up and lasting economic troubles, we should really be much, much worse off. That doesn't mean we should ignore crime or explain it away when it does increase. In fact, in a city as relatively safe is ours, it's best that we remain extra vigilant to keep it that way. A big part of what happened to Flint, Detroit, and Saginaw besides the obvious economic and demographic changes was that they didn't take crime seriously when it was starting to increase. I'm sure they'd never thought they'd get to where they've gotten, either. We live in a great city; let's keep it that way. I really don't think I've been too hard on Lansing, and crime is definitely part of an urban revitalization equation.
  • I do agree on the point that Lansing is far better off than it "should" be. Almost every other urban core in our region and certainly the state is worse off than us. We should be thankful for that, but also aware of what got us to this point. Except I don't know how Lansing has managed to fair so well, if I had to guess I would say the relatively diverse economy though.
  • Yeah, the diverse economy seems like the rub, because our violent crime rate really should be higher than it is. It's always kind of amazed me, to be honest. That said, with the population dropping every years for many years, now, I do hope our murder rate/count drops in the next year (of course, all of our wishes is always for zero).
  • Lansing homoicide for 2008 is 11. It's a improvement from year 2007 when it reach 16.
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