Library Millage - good or bad idea?



  • Did you see the results somewhere? I don't see them on LSJ...last number I saw was with only 8of110 precincts it was ~59% no. What did it end up being?
  • 59% No vs. 41 Yes (100% reporting)

    The farmland preservation millage passed by an absolute hair:

    50% Yes vs. 50 No (100%)

    14,690 vs 14,553
  • Well this is certainly disappointing. New downtown and neighborhood libraries have done some amazing things for Seattle and Chicago. I was hoping Lansing, Mason, Okemos and others would be able to say the same in a few years!

    Does anyone know what Plan B might entail?
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    CADL in the LSJ, today, said that there is no Plan B. Looking back on this, I think they probably should have made this smaller, perhaps, only doing a millage for a new central library instead of an entire system-wide improvement.
  • I hope they at least find a way to get a new Central Library and Impression 5 in the reasonably near future.
  • I've always wished Impression 5 had a more prominent and appropriately impressive space, and I agree with what rooor said - it would be a great boost to have some appealing and inviting new libraries. It's a bit late to still be thinking of this, but I can't help but wish the whole Board of Water and Light thing with the museums and retail etc. had gone through.

    I don't want to get too off-topic, but following on that line of thinking, does anyone else think a galleria-type mini mall would be great for downtown? The BoW&L building would have been perfect, but there are plenty of warehouse type areas that it could go in. I know Eastwood is close, but it could be more art shops, specialty stores, and high-end apparel and gifts etc... any thoughts?
  • I'd always thought a small mall could fit at Lenawee and Washington at the south end of the square. There does to be some kind of anchor retail project, downtown, that much is apparent, to me. One would think that something could be done to turn the Knapp Centre back into a retail establishment, but that seems about as unlikely as anything I've dreamed up.
  • Such a small millage for such a large benefit. Such small minded people!
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