Lansing City Hall redevelopment and replacement



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    This one keeps rearing its head. Andy is saying in the City Pulse this week that he's had very informal talks with the Eyde's, who want to offload their 8 acres of land in the 7 Block area on the west end of downtown (bound roughly to the north by the line behind the houses on Allegan, MLK on the west, Kalamazoo on the south and Butler on the east) that they've been trying to develop for years.

    It'd certainly be enough space. In any case, this wouldn't even get to being serious until the mayor says a study is done to see if it'd cost more to upgrade city hall than to move it. This is something Virg never bothered with, of course.

    The other big thing this is all contigent on is the study of consolidating of the district courts and the city lock-up. Schor, East Lansing and Ingham County seem to favor a seperate facility for this consolidated court/jail complex, which would give the city more flexibility in considering a new city hall. The Lansing City Council has been mum about the consolidating idea, though.

    It feels to me like Andy is trying to have it both ways, wanting to give the impression that this is still being looked at, but at the same time pushing back against the idea that he's actually in favor of it. I wish he'd take a more firm public stance so criticis and supporters of the plan would know where he is and thus judge his actions accordingly.

  • I'm way late on this but I'm very glad to hear Andy Schor is at least considering a renovation of the current city hall. To me if they can do a proper renovation/restoration on the city hall building for even close to the same cost as new construction I think it's worth staying put. It would take a pretty impressive new city hall building in a good location to make me even sort of ok with the move. I think if the current city hall building is kept as city hall and properly renovated and maintained it will be appreciated in the future in much the same way we would appreciate it if the old city hall could have been saved. One difference is that saving the current city hall is much more practical.

    The 7 block site isn't a very good location for city hall in my eyes but it's not the worst either. It really wouldn't make a bad spot for a new justice complex though, especially being next to the Supreme Court.

  • Where'd you hear that he's seriously considering renovating city hall? I'd not heard that.

  • I misread the second paragraph of your previous post. I thought you said that the mayor was having a study done to see if it would cost more to upgrade city hall than to move it.

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