Metro Place (formerly Reutter Park Place, formerly The Lenawee)



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    This one only has about 7,000 square feet of commercial space; that's probably like two storefronts max unless some office wants to take the whole space.

    And suffice it to say, with the hundreds of residential units in the immediate area and literally only one store of any kind south of Kalamazoo and west of Capitol, they certainly need some commercial space, specifically retail. The only store that way is a tiny little convenience store called Pete's Hy-Grade at the northeast corner of Hillsdale and Chestnut. Going two blocks in the other direction down Hillsdale is the Downtown Party Store, of course.

    So this area is not close to be over retailed.

  • I agree, it makes sense. Even just some basic, necessity type of retail is needed in this area and hopefully it works out. Downtown in general could use more retail but for some reason it just isn't happening. Things seem to be moving in the right direction though and ultimately it's good it's being planned for.

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    Metro Place

  • Does this indicate that the development is going to be built in two phases? I noticed the "future use" area on the right.

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    No, it just indicates that that portion is not residential in nature.

  • A foundation pouring update from Lenawee Street! The new one I saw this week is for the front of the building and is kind of complex, i.e. not a straight line, it looks interesting. I have hope that this development will have a nice "downtown" feeling. I still get this, wow, where is the Y? and I can't believe this one is actually being built sensation when I pass by.

  • I saw the elevator structure is going up on the corner of Lenawee and Townsend. Looks taller than I remember from looking at the drawings. Great to see this building going up. The park looked really nice as well with the daffodils blooming around the base of the fountain. I am hopeful that seeing a BWL and a city truck near the fountain means they are going to get it running for this season.

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    Yeah, I was by here last week and noticed the stairwell/elevator tower already topped out in the middle of the site. This one will go up fast, thank goodness, since it's a bit behind schedule I think.

    Speak of the devil, they have a picture of the site in the LSJ, today:

  • I think they watch the posts here. Today there is also one of their 'Projects to Watch' articles. It is kind of interesting that they did not cover all the projects, that we have more than six big projects going up here is very impressive to me.

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    Found the full set of drawings of this one on the architects website: Construction/Metro Place - Lansing, MI/Plans/6.15.18 FULL DRAWING PACKAGE.pdf

    Elevations start on page 39. Looks like the facade will be "composite board" of the horizontal articulated parts of the facade, and "batten board" for the verticle articulated facade. Found out that "batten board" is like hardie plank board, which won't look so bad. I'm unsure of what they mean by "composite board," though. Sounds lower quality. Though, so long as we don't get any vinyl, I guess I'll tolerate it.

    Anyway, aside from the elevations you get to see the site plan and units layouts and configuration.

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