Metro Place (formerly Reutter Park Place, formerly The Lenawee)



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    Demolition of the YMCA should start in a few weeks according to a new article from the LSJ. Demolition is expected to take 8 weeks.

    They said that a new sanitary sewer line must be built before demolition but that the developers sent out a two-week notice to surrounding residents at the end of August for the demolition.

  • Demolition of the YMCA has started and is expected to take 8 weeks:

    The article doesn't say when construction might start on the building. Given that demolition would take this to December, I don't think they'll start construction until March at the earliest.

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    LSJ photo by Matthew Dae Smith:

  • This is a great sight! How long have they been talking about doing this since '06?

  • This thread goes back to April 2008, and before then there were rumors of a big building coming (though this eventually got reduced in size). I'm still sad to see this large building being replaced by a smaller building but the increased population and use of this part of the city will help a lot.

  • It too makes me sad for that reason and because of the bad architecture. But like you said, it'll add over a 100 residential units around the park and some neighborhood retail, so I can't be too sad. I really, really wish, though, that it didn't look so bad. The architecture is even worse than some of the stuff the Gillespie's are putting up. The YMCA wasn't the prettiest building - and really didn't need to be given it's use. But it had some attractive brickwork, at least.

  • I agree, the drawings I have seen look uninspired in that "it's good enough for Lansing" kind of way. I really hate that! Are these drawing depicting the project today? It seems like these drawings are a couple of years old. We can always hope for better, maybe they will use really classy materials that are difficult to depict!

  • Design has been the same since they re-designed this project as Metro Place.

    It's hideous.

  • Yes, it is not very exciting. To me it seems dated. I'm hoping the 500 block, of S.Washington, will be a more interesting and better-designed development. The Urban Systems people seem more interested in creating a building that is worthy of its address.
    There are a lot of interesting articles with news of 3 billion dollars worth of developments in line for Greater Lansing!

  • Yeah, it is a shame this project has come to look like some other generic apartment project. We can only hope that maybe it turns out better in reality. It is good to see development in this area though since it's seemed somewhat stagnant with only news of projects that have yet to start but no actual progress. At least this one seems to be moving finally.

    It's not the original design was some architectural masterpiece but it at least was more interesting than this design. The scale of the original project of course also probably helped the appeal. Overall, at least the projects are happening. My hope is that these smaller, bland projects help to feed some larger projects down the road...

    Given similar projects, where a lot of the commercial space on the first floor remains vacant, I'm curious to see how this one will do. I don't think a lot of vacant storefronts is a very good look...

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