Michigan/Grand River Avenue BRT



  • Any link on that?
  • OK, this says they passed a resolution against it. I'm still not clear if that is just "sense of our community" or if there are some explicit teeth behind the move.
  • "Beyond a shot at influencing the project, Meridian’s action is little more than formal because it cannot stop the BRT. The CATA board even can choose to ignore the resolution."

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    I'd actually brought it up on my June 30th post that if even they were to get some resolution to reject the project, this is outside their authority. This is exactly why we have regional transit authorities outside of the whims of local government politics.

    Looks like two members were missing if it was a 1-4 vote, and I can't imagine Julie Brixie (treasurer) was present if Trustee Ron Styka was the lone "yes" vote. Anyway, disappointing to see, but it doesn't change the trajectory of the project.
  • I wonder how this would've gone if light rail would've been the "preferred alternative" when they did that study a few years back. There is a stigma against buses. Even though a streetcar likely wouldn't have been any better, people have less hard feelings about riding rail.
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    Since the criticism is about traffic, it's really hard to see this criticism coming from a pro-transit audience. Given the nature of the criticism, a train - along with taking traffic lanes - would have had the double criticism of being far more expensive. I still think if you do something like this you go big or go home, but I seriously doubt those complaining about this in Meridian Township would have been more amenable to rail. These folks don't care about anything other than their personal transportation.
  • Was surprised to notice today that one of the "STOP CATA'S BRT" sign was in front of the Trek bicycle shop. Granted being pro-cycling and pro-transit don't have to go together, but they usually seem to.
  • My wife actually asked them about that when we were in there last. It sounds like they were disappointed that there was originally stuff in the plan for bicycles that was removed. If I remember right they were disappointed by how much money was being spent on this project without having a solid bicycle plan included. I may be forgetting something though. That was before I went on vacation. :-)
  • I know in Detroit cyclists were one of the less enthused interest groups when it came to the streetcar as it will move a popular route to side streets. I believe there was a slight compromise with the streetcar allowing bikes inside the car. These two modes do compete quite a bit when transit is not grade seperated. Cyclists in Detroit, however, didn't ever end up opposing the streetcar plan.
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