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  • Mich, are you sure you're right about the non-discrimination law, or lack of? If so, this is unbelievable and truly, truly sad.

  • The non-discrimination law protects people based on race, gender, and age. There are probably a few others. But it doesn't include sexual orientation or identity. Nessel campaigned on trying to protect more groups.

  • So, two new members were elected to the East Lansing City Council last week, one ousting incumbent Erik Altmann and now-former mayor Mark Meadows coming in a distant third. The two newcomers are Lisa Babcock and Jessy Gregg. I don't know enough about either to predict too much, but given that one of them worked for East.Lansing.Info I do suspect a more critical eye when it comes to downtown development issues, one might even say development-skeptic. And will particularly be the case given that Ruth Baier was elected mayor, who has frequently lead efforts to downsize proposed developments.

    It'll be interesting to see what kind of factions form, if any.
  • I agree it is a downturn that is possible especially with the current "leader" in DC. What gives me a little hope is despite all this trade war nonsense the economy has kept rolling along quite well. I would think with different leaders and retreating from this anti-reality stance, ending trade wars could keep us from a recession and if all went very well in the next election we could find Congress funding many government projects like with infrastructure, fighting climate change and creating clean energy that would create more jobs. Universal health care could give people more money to spend on something else other than insurance. A realistic minimum wage could lift many out of poverty and put them in the consumer economy also creating more taxpayers. All possible with a change in DC and Lansing.
  • Opps I was commenting on an old post.
  • A downturn is inevitable regardless. The economy ebbs and flows and we're already in a longer than typical expansion, I guess that's somewhat expected since we were coming off such a low. There's no telling how long this will last but everything I've read seems to point to no imminent risk of recession but a mild to moderate one is still expected within a few years.

    One point that I feel is important: As for the trade war, I think it may be one thing that Trump is actually useful for. China's not playing nice with us or other countries across world on a whole host of issues while they'recommitting atrocities at home as they turn back towards being a full-on dictatorship. I think (hope) that the real purpose of the trade war is to "disengage" from the Chinese economy to the furthest extent possible as others have suggested. China has no interest in stopping the forced technology transfers, ip theft or state backing of their own companies. The Chinese communist party is going to cause massive problems throughout their region and possibly the world in the coming decades.
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