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  • Also cool is that the land will still be used for sheep grazing and a pollinator habitat. I wonder how there will be enough light for the grass to grow for the sheep. Or maybe there will be enough spots without solar panels that enough grass will still be around.
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    I imagine they are rotating solar panels that track the sun. But even in the case that they aren't, grass can grow in low light, though maybe not as quickly. In fact, sheep are often used to control vegetation around solar panels since they are sometimes placed in a way that makes it difficult to use mowers.
    They also tell people to plant shortgrass to minimize weeds or tall grass that could obstruct panels.
    Nature always finds a way. :)
  • The depiction of the solar farm's layout looks like they leave quite a lot of open land in the pastures as well as some ponds and marshlands. Some grasses will grow with small amounts of light like the wheatgrass farmers plant to cover their fields in the winter. I grow wheatgrass for my cat under a small lamp.
  • I'm glad to see solar but I'm always much less excited to see it placed over green space. If they were going to take away green space I'd rather it be flat, boring farm land rather than the more unique area they chose. I kind of like the rolling pastures off of Hagadorn there.
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    Farms usually increase the cost of the land, and of course in the case of MSU they are literal teaching tools. Like any development, solar developers are going to look for the cheapest land they can find nearest where they need the array to be. But, it really depends on the particular piece of land. The Delta Solar Park near GM Delta Township Assembly is built on both vacant land and some farm land. But, usually, they are going to be looking for low-value vacant land and only add farms if there isn't enough contiguous vacant land.

    Anyway, what I like about this is that because there are wetlands on the site, they are clearly building around it. Wetlands are pretty heavily regulated by both the state and most local governments.
  • I took my sanity walk, out at MSU yesterday and noticed the new wood-framed building the was a power plant is nearly finished and is a really beautiful building, the contemporary design is very cool. Also, the new Music Provillian looks very nice with its new wing referencing the details of the older building. The gardens and flowering trees are blooming nicely too.
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