Metro Place (formerly Reutter Park Place, formerly The Lenawee)



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    Thanks for finding the elevation, hood. Do you know what angle that's from? Just trying to figure out if it's to face Lenawee or Townsend. It'd be awesome if it fronted both. BTW, I'm glad they did away with the sloped roof. It's still a little plain, but given the relatively out-of-the-way location, it doesn't have to be anything brilliant, architecturally, just passable.
  • I'm pretty sure this is the Lenawee elevaion. I am also glad they went with a flat roof, I hated the previous design, this one is at least acceptable.
  • It looks like things are moving ahead for Reutter Park Place, they hope to secure financing in the next week or so and break ground in the spring: Plans for YMCA site in downtown Lansing advance
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    The LSJ reported, yesterday, that the mayor wants to bond out to build an $11 million, city-owned, two-level parking garage adjacent to the project. The original plan called for a surface lot behind the building as well as an underground level of parking. The actual building seems to have also been slightly enlarged. They boosted the number of apartments by about 10-units, I think.

    IMO, I don't see why the city should build a parking garage -- especially down that way -- to mainly be used by the residents of the new apartments. If Lawton Group wants to building a parking garage, more power to them, but this seems like an odd project for which the city should get directly involved in in such a way.
  • I don't think it's too bad of an idea for the city to own a garage in this area as long as it actually operates as public garage. The Ingham County Courts would likely make use of some of the extra parking, it may also be able serve some future buildings in the area.

    I'm curious as to where this parking ramp will be though, if the building hasn't been heavily redesigned I would assume it will go behind it.
  • Well, it'd go where the surface lot was planned. So, yeah, behind the building.
  • This project seems to be as good as dead after the Lansing State Journal reported that the owners of the existing property owe $24,000 in back taxes from last year, and JUST payed $20,000 in back taxes from 2010, yesterday.

    The article says that the mayor's office wants to simply send this back from committee, but from what I saw news, last night, there is no way council is going to go through with this developere on board after this had sneaked by them. Apparently, it was on the EDC (now LEAP) to vet developers for brownfields credits and such and they missed this. It's all for the better, IMO, anyway, since the developer kept changing the plan and then asked the city to develop the parking garage for the project.
  • Well, what do you know. He payed all of the taxes, and now the council is willing to go back over the plan. lol
  • The LSJ is now reporting that this project is back on the move. Demolition of the YMCA is slated for Spring, and a 20 million dollar mixed use (residential+retail) will take its place. "Metro Place will be a four-story structure including 156 apartments and 7,425 square feet of commercial and retail space."

    This is great news! The last we heard of the project was back in 2012, so this was pretty unexpected to me. 4-story infill is the type of development that I think Lansing really needs before we start trying to shoot for more high rises.
  • Excellent news. It's good to see sustained development, again. You have Midtown and Marketplace now wrapped up, with Outfield well under construction (they are workng really hard on this one), and now this coming up next year.

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