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  • It looks like construction is already under way. Hamilton has been closed for at least a week and there's now equipment showing up on site, including a crane that looks like it's already doing foundation work or will be very soon.
    in Okemos & Haslett Comment by hood July 14
  • I think given the circumstances it hasn't turned out horribly. The equipment being visible over the wall is nowhere near as jarring as I thought it would be and the whole thing seems fairly well done. I still think it's a poor location for a substat…
  • @MichMatters I was by the complete hitch place a few days ago with someone who lives by there and we wondering what they were doing there. Thanks for finding that out and sharing. I was also noticing how ripe that corner is for development, every si…
  • Well, it's not going to be pretty but it won't be trash either. It will still be good to see a sizable market-rate apartment building on that end of downtown. Board and batten is a common name for a siding style with vertical boards. When they…
  • I've been by there also and I'm impressed with the look the new windows give it. I really had my doubts about this one but I think it's going to turn out ok, maybe even better than ok.
  • It's not a horrible plan but it's nothing fantastic either, it looks a fairly standard building of mediocre quality. At this point I'd still rather just see a RFP. There would be nothing to stop Royal Vlahakis from submitting this or another proposa…
    in Park Place Comment by hood July 3
  • I won't be holding my breath, but I view it as inevitable that he will eventually develop those lots. Maybe he's waiting for the city to fund a parking solution, I'm not sure how likely that is though.
  • That is odd that the north half is zoned for higher density, I guess that gives any potential developer a lot of options for what they could build. And I agree that the apartment buildings will likely look better in real life than in the rende…
  • Yeah, that wouldn't have been the worst thing that could have happened but I'm still glad they didn't do it. Having the original unobstructed building is by far the best option in my eyes.
    in Lansing History Comment by hood June 12
  • I've also thought about the need for cross street behind the stadium district. It would make sense as it would allow him to develop buildings with retail facing the new street, I'd almost be surprised if Gillespie doesn't build a new street when he …
  • @ButlerBlvdResident Thanks for posting that. I actually like the look of the apartment buildings, though I don't like the placement of the easternmost one. The office building itself looks nice but it being only two floors is a little disappointing.…
  • I had no idea that was there either. I don't think I've ever heard anyone even mention anything about a place like it, I guess that's part of why it didn't last.
  • I'm somewhat surprised to steel and not concrete for the structure. This is going to go up a lot faster than I thought.
  • There's already a mobile crane on site, not sure if it's the one in those FAA approvals. I also found a webcam of the project: http://webcams.christmanco.com/McLaren-Greater-Lansing-Replacement-Hospital
  • I wasn't aware of anything happening there currently but I vaguely remember reading that the township was pushing for a mixed use/town center type of development on that land awhile back, more than a few years ago. I think it was around the time the…
  • I really want to check out that hardware store, it looks like they sell some stuff that will be useful in my houses restoration. Hacks moved to the old Ferguson building on River St.
  • It will be great to see that olf school finally get some love. With a little cleaning and the right windows it could be a really nice looking building. Looking at the gym I doubt it's original and I wouldn't be sad to see it go if they can't find a …
  • Those buildings have been vacant longer than I've been alive, it would be great to see something happen with them. I'm going to have to make it by there to check it out.
  • Something like in that picture wouldn't be bad for this area and I'm sure it would see plenty of use. I would not call it a performing arts center and it wouldn't serve the purpose of one. I could easily see the Lansing area supporting one of these …
  • It could very well be that the octagon section just needs more care in it's demolition. I agree that it really did make the hotel stand out though, it will be interesting if they end up reusing it.