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  • The Bear lake property owned by MSU currently not public access. There are multiple signs stating this. I think the path will be on under the power lines for the part by the lake. Hopefully, MSU does not put up a new fence there. I do not know if ac…
  • I would also not like the court/jail to be in this area. There are numerous other places to redevelop prior to this site.
  • Yeah, that is a good point. I guess the builders and planners have not picked up on it. Maybe when the BWL leaves their site on Pennsylvania and Hazel there could be some opportunity for building above the floodplain but still have river views.
  • That photo is looking west to the bridge over the red cedar that crosses next to the zoo. From what I was told is that this bridge will have an elevated section farther east toward Aurelius to reduce water over that small section.
  • The parking entrance for the hospital as designed is off of Forest. I have commented to McClaren that this should be moved to using Collins but I have not heard back. The city is planning on adding turning lanes and that is it. I do not have any upd…
  • So the problem is they have trouble stratifying the seeds? Putting the seeds in a refrigerator and setting an alarm for 90 days then transplant to a growth room. They could also take cuttings of the tree and root with rooting hormone. Maybe sell som…
  • The specs on this building do not call for classrooms, therefore its location close to other buildings is not as important a need. As far as I have heard and read some biomedical and plant science-related global impact initiative hires will have spa…
  • The added commercial space could be quite beneficial for those in the area. Looks to add substantial value to Collins Rd.
  • Several other peer schools have free bus service on all routes for their students. Hopefully, this will be expanded to the entire CATA route network.
  • That path looks to make some progress in this area. I do not see a legend for the figure, is the plan to add a path along Howard? The Shared lanes on Shiawassee may not be as successful as the other parts. I would predict a high amount of sidewalk r…
  • Does anyone have more information about the Grand River Street reconfiguration project? Such as the proposed lane arrangments?
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Does anyone have info regarding the building renovations at 701 E South Street? This building on the river has been under renovation for some time and it looks like it is complete or nearly complete. I think it is a great site on the river and, othe…
  • I have noticed some of the river trail signs. I noted that several of them are the same ones that were up or have not been taken down for several years. I have not heard any news about it but it would be really great to have it repaved.
  • Agreed protected is the best way forward.
  • It is easy to confuse. Do not worry. A smaller format grocery would be a nice addition to central Lansing.
  • The Niles mentioned in the article is in Illinois, It is a near northwest suburb of Chicago.
  • The building setback makes it have a less urban aesthetic to me. It would not encourage me to walk from campus to the Frandor area. Seems to miss the mark to my expectations with the raised first floor makes the sidewalk between a wall and 45mph tra…
  • Excellent insight. I agree that offering less parking could be beneficial in many ways and would support this. I support more buildings or greenspace over parking any day. You are right about putting parking space to better use. From google maps, i…
  • What I noticed is how underutilized the vehicle parking lot is. I did not count spots but ~1/3 of the spots appeared empty and some vehicles move infrequently. Maybe with adding many new apartments utilization rates will be higher. Seems like a poor…