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  • They could redevelop spartan village with a street grid, short road setbacks, and pedestrian orientation but I am not sure this would happen. Spartan Village is scheduled for removal. The university keeps sending mixed messages and timelines. I thin…
  • I thought those houses off Cavanaugh were in the flood plain and scheduled for demolition? I would not want to live there and the other structures nearby there have been squatters.
  • That sounds promising. The bus stops along Collins are not fun to wait at. There are students that ride up Collins and Forest and this will make it quite nice and I know I will use the new paths.
  • gbinlansing I think the landowners are waiting to make more money. Sitting on undeveloped land is very cheap and incentivized compared to developing it and/or selling it right away. Until things change, expect those empty lots/parking to remain.
  • I see they added a sidewalk.
  • I heard back from Lansing about the Bear lake trail. "Re. the multi-use trail, my coworker, Mitch Whisler, is implementing that project, which is supposed to be constructed in 2021, but that schedule may be affected by available funding." …
  • Yeah, I have asked several times about sidewalks, bike lanes and bus stops. The mayor sent a message that it could be considered but no plans have shown any of these features.
  • It would be better used as a park or open space for the flood plain.
  • The reason ""When we're considering state support, we consider the impact on both the city as well as the region and we'd be looking for a case to be made that we'd be benefiting the region overall and not simply pulling customers from neighboring m…
  • hood. Is your solution to cars is more cars? I am not so sure about that. I would be interested in the number of car permit holders in the building and how many have cars that they do not park at the building.
  • Does anyone know more about the choice of the zip system (green manufactured exterior sheeting) for the hotel and the stick and vapor barrier for the apartments? Is the zip that much more in material that is is cheaper to do stick and then wrap the …
  • It is great to see progress compared to other cities in the US. I welcome improvements, new ideas and sound management. However looking at the larger picture of mode use shows transit is very low. This document shows about 85% of trips in Lansing ar…
  • It is mostly a leadership issue from my observations. MSU is more auto-centric than most Big Ten schools and other universities I have been at/visited. A change for higher CATA ridership would be great. My local route does not have weekend or night …
  • MSU students, faculty, and staff can ride for free on the campus routes. Many other universities offer free bus/transit rides on all the local network. I was on the MSU transportation committee and MSU did not show much interest in offering free rid…
  • It is not as high priority as other projects however I am interested where this is at on the CATA side.
  • I was reading about the Federal FAST grants for the year. Listed in the CATA BRT. See page 13. Does anyone have any more info from the CATA side? I thought that CATA had dropped this due to retirements and other issues.
  • They will be adding parking as the street plan includes additional street parking on Washington.
  • Plus I don't really need to go 75 mph for the three minutes to get across town. Repairing high-cost roads when that funding could go to lower-cost roads that provide the same route would be a better alternative.
  • The "agricultural nature" of campus is codeword for NIMBY.
  • Several other Michigan cities have taken state highways through their city and converted them to two way. I asked the mayor if Lansing has petitioned the state to do this or has plans to do this. I have not received a response back. Maybe you could …