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  • I am really looking forward to seeing construction start on Abrams Landing. This seems like a great project, and I also like how it appears that the developer is taking initiative on this, whereas the city of Lansing appears to be heavily pushing Stadium District.
  • The city seems to be giving no love to this project. I'm almost wonering if the city has any idea of what te project will like and how big it will be, because if they did I would find it hard to beleive that they would treat it the way they are.
  • Not that I agree with this, but the city is giving more attention to Gillespie because this project came down the pipe, first, and Mr. Gillespie already has a proven product in Prudden Place. On top of that, the Stadium District will be on Michigan Avenue, prime frontage.

    Mr. Fisher deserves more attention, too, though. Hopefully, we'll see both of these get started, and soon. August is already here.
  • I don't want to jinx anything, but the way things are going I wouldn't b suprised to see Stadium District be held up until winter or next spring, it's been pushed back 3 months from a already delayed start date as it is. And I hope that Prudden Place is not a sign of whats to come with the Stadium District, Prudden Place isn't very nice on the outside and is downright plain on the inside from the virtual tours I've seen. For an "urban" development, Prudden Place is poorly done. I hope that the Beaumont is more insightful of the quality of the Stadium District.

    One thing that dissappointed me was to see that Abrams Landing wasn't even mentioned on the project listing that the city had for the Ottawa Power Station RFP.
  • Matt has informed me that the project isn't being delayed by anything external, rather, as a small developer, he's been concentrating more on his real estate business, but is moving forward. He says he's also put in a bid for a Michigan Magnet Fund credit, which he says if he get's the project will LEAP forward.
  • I definately wouldn't consider the project to be delayed at all. It is still part of the first wave of development, which requires tax credits and tricky financing, that all takes time. This project has moved from concept to solid proposal simply awaiting all the red tape to be cut in less than a year thats great compared to the Stadium District which took at least two years to get to a solid plan and actual progress being made.
  • You know, we had started to get spoiled with the weekly updates, so when news is slow to come you begin to doubt or expect the worst.
  • Bad news, Mr. Fisher has decided to move to California and is looking to sell off the land, and possibly the project. I think he's going to have a hard time, enough, just selling off the land and building, let alone such a highly specialized and expensive project. If he does manage to sell the project I'd expect it to be scaled back considerably since this was really Matt's personal project (i.e. the top floor would have been a giant loft just for him).

    Man, we just keep bleeding all of our good people.
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    Oh well, I really think the project is more viable than Matt let on. He estimated the cost at $3-4 million, it would have had over half the units of stadium district and cost less than third of it. In fact I would expect any new project here to be delayed slightly, probably starting after stadium district is finished, but be larger, around 6 floors.

    BTW Matt didn't plan on having one top floor unit for himself, he was going to occupy one of four, two floor penthouse units.
  • Yeah thats too bad that Matt is leaving. Once Stadium District is opened, we may see more projects just like Matt's start to pop up though. (hopefully).
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