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  • I remember those signs, this one was next to Fisher Body on W. Michigan Ave. Artistically it is a nice logo.

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    Looks like Bing maps updated their aerial maps for the area, today. Not exactly sure how recent they are without looking back at some of these posts, but they show the site for Provident Place on Michigan cleared, and the same with Eastern's football stadium. The previous aerials were at least two or three years out of date as the Outfield on the back of Oldsmobile Park wasn't even yet show completed.

  • Nice find- my neighborhood arial on the south side is from last summer. I see an improvement in my yard that I did last summer, but I also see my garden, which I didn't grow this summer.

    Based on the color of the grass and the growth I recognize in my yard I'd say it was late July or August least in my neighborhood.

  • I am posting here to mention several different things I noticed traveling around Lansing yesterday. I took East Mt. Hope out to the post office and it was so beautiful! I had not been that way in a long time due to the condition of the road so it was really great to drive on the new pavement and be able to relax and enjoy the scenery. They have also repaved Harrison up to Collins. Collins is still a mess. Driving by the new hospital I was impressed by the size of the building that is taking shape. It looks like it is being built in a traditional manner with steel beams. The new housing at Collins and Jolly Road is also a big project that is growing up out of the old motel site. This too is impressive for it's size, it looks like a whole new neighborhood is going up over there. I was happy to see some pitched roof lines on some of the buildings which are being constructed mostly of wood. I wanted to go to Woody's after the PO but found Harrison closed at the RR crossing so I went around noticing the new water tower with it's new Michigan State University emblems proudly displayed. The new wooden building at the old power plant is looking really cool. Over on Trowbridge, behind Woody's I noticed the new hotel[it's hard to see from the road]l which looks good but it seemed smaller than I was expecting. The retail building in front of the hotel looked like it had just been finished and did not have any businesses opened there as of yet.

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    The "Below the Stacks" mural festival is really bringing color to the city. I noticed one of the murals along a building on East Oakland, today. Here is one example from their facebook account:

  • I drove by two big projects in the Lansing area yesterday on the way up north. The dairy plant in St Johns is near finished, it looks like a launch facility [ I read they want to build a real rocket launch facility near my cabin in Iosco County!:{ ] and they plan to produce 800,000 pounds of cheese a day! I was thinking this amount could be a misprint, that seems like a whole lot of cheese. A bit further up the road, the new giant windmills near Ithica are in action and the silo complex that has been under construction for years is finished. I believe one thing they are producing there is corn syrup as there are now lines of rail tanker cars that carry corn syrup lined up at the complex. Oh and the angry farmer who puts up signs next to 127nb in St Johns has some new very nasty signs up on his barns, that guy must be a real misogynist peach. I feel sorry for people who have to pass those signs every day.
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