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  • If Lansing was experiencing sprawling, which direction do you think it would sprawl more? North, East, South or West? It's evident that Detroit sprawl eastward, and it seems like Grand Rapids may have westward towards Holland.
  • I would say Lansing would sprawl North...Eastwood Towne Center is gaining noteriety I think and with the pushing for the indoor water park and convention center I think that is where people are wanting to expand towards. The water park/convention center got shot down for now, but I think that was a good indication of where the sprawl will go. I really hope land banks will combat this though, we need population density to really get things moving on our urban community.
  • I agree Lansing will tend to grow more toward the north, but in Dewitt Township in addition to the Northern Tier. I think Holt will continue to develop to, there needs to be more commercial to serve all the new housing, and there is still a lot of open land close to Lansing.
  • Grand Rapids is also moving southeast down the M-37 corridor. I can remember driving down it 20 years ago and seeing distinct towns. They now have built up along the road through to about Middleville.
  • Interesting, I thought many would have said east due to major suburbs like East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett etc... Although north is probably likely too, due to desire for location and Dewitt.
  • It appears a little sprawling may have started north already.
    How long does sprawling usually take?
    Would you say sprawling is good or negative?

    I usually thought sprawling was the affect of a growth in population, not a flight from downtown.
  • I think I have an ideal of a city that stop sprawling.... New York City? It's city is all highrises, or buildings. If New York City experience sprawling more buildings would be outward instead of upward ( something like that).
  • I don't think sprawl will continue as much to the East because it has already gone so far out there, same as the West, but the North by far is the least developed.

    I'd say sprawling is good when its well planned and adjacent to other developed area, but I think infill is better. I personally prefer city living, not suburban or rural. As for how long sprawling takes, it's a ongoing process of new construction, dilapidation and rehabilitation, then it starts over again.
  • Yeah city living is nice, although I do like suburbs as well.
    Can you think of any city such:
    The entire city downtown ( large one) is like New York City ( high rises, buildings, etc...) although the city is the size of Lansing itself. Surrounding areas are like Lansings also.
    Is that sorta an example of infill?
  • Would anyone be able to tell me the homicides Grand Rapids had for 2008? I've been looking this up for sometime and there seems not to be any release of such. Same for Ann Arbor.

    (I know Lansing had eleven)
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