Labeled map of downtown

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I started making this map today at first just for bars & restaurants, figured it may be good to post here. I opened it up for anyone to edit, so any contributions would be appreciated (let me know if it will let you edit it or not.) Maybe when it gets complete enough it can go on the sites homepage or something.


I tried to make a color code, but as I decided to add more it will likely have to change. As it is right now:
Blue = Nightclubs
Red = Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub combinations
Green = Bar/Restaurants
Yellow = Other stuff

As I said, I like this idea so I'm looking for input/help on expanding it and/or refining it. Let me know what your ideas are.

Jared - I tried to embed the map but it wouldn't work.


  • I don't have a great way for embedding maps. Maybe I can add it to the Development Map page.
  • Have you tried turning on the Labels within Google Maps? If you zoom in close enough, then many of the businesses will be labeled.
  • Yes, some are labeled, but the locations seem to be a block or more off. I'm also trying to link information to each pinpoint, sort of like the development map.
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