Google Fiber for Lansing

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I'm sure most of you have heard, but Google is in the process of selecting a city or cities to install 1Gb fiber to the home, please nominate Lansing, become a fan of the
Facebook group and get involved in some way!

Send your nomination to Google!!!

Google Fiber for Lansing - Facebook Group


  • Just sent in my nomination for Lansing to Google. Good luck Lansing!

    How much do you think being Larry Page being from Lansing will help? The LSJ editorial recently didn't think it would, but even if it's small I still think it will help some. If Larry was from some small farm town, then I don't think being his hometown would matter, but Lansing I think meets kinda the minimum requirements for a test city--large institutions who could utilize it and test how much of a benefit it is and those institutions vary greatly in terms of use with MSU, state government and the national headquarters of large companies (insurance).
  • I think MSU more than anything else, and a region that genuinely likes to experiment with things help more than Larry being from Lansing. I think him being from Lansing helps in that he's familiar with our assets, but beyond that, MSU - a huge, nationally-known research university - would be the major pull for this. I feel good about our chances, though, not great. Ann Arbor is already their base in Michigan, one of their company's segments is headquartered there, so I think they'd be the front runner. Then again, with IBM giving us something to experiment with and the FRIB coming in, I really don't know.
  • I agree that Larry Page being from here won't help us out much. He hasn't done anything for this area so far, so I don't see why he would start now, its kinda disappointing really.
  • I sent my nomination in about a week ago. It'd be great if the area could wrangle in something of this magnitude. I read a newspaper article that claimed Google was considering making more than just one city's metro area a test site, so we could always hope Lansing is in a group of at least 2 or 3 that make the cut.
  • Thanks for putting this together, everyone! We're still waiting on the outcome, but as soon as something's known we'll post it on the accelerate lansing website and on the GL4G website ( or
  • I read somewhere that Google has now decided upon two cities, but there was no announcement of which cities those were. They did mention that the connection speed would be gigabit connections. I'm keeping my fingers crossed its Lansing/East Lansing.
  • I too am keeping my fingers crossed, but in the back of my mind I sorta doubt we'll get it. If someplace in Michigan does get the fiber I bet it will be Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids.
  • somebody told me Grand Rapids was getting it. Unsubstantiated rumor, but thats what Ive heard.
  • Kansas City, Kansas got it. The announcement was made a while ago.
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