Knapp's building redevelopment



  • I was just downtown for lunch, Knapps' exterior has been removed, exposing the interior and the floors of the building. I'm very interested to see how this looks when it's done.
  • I was by Knapps last week and they had most of the windows in. They looked really nice, I'm not sure if they're glass block or if they just look like it. At the very least it's a promising sign for the quality of the renovation.
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    I was just by, and the first time I've been by at night. The storefronts are unfinished but lit, but my favorite thing is the U.S. and Michigan flags on the roof. They are like a beacon when you turn south unto the square from Michigan.
  • I was by there earlier tonight also. I'm really impressed by the job they did on this building, at least judging it from the road. I really have to stop being lazy and go take some pictures, I'd really like to take the time to get a look up close.
  • I was down at Firehouse. I really hope that Knapps really spurs redevelopment of the south end of the square from the building to the freeway. That needs to be a solid streetwall in the worst way.
  • Yes it does. I have a feeling that development along that stretch of Washington will be a ways off unfortunately. There just seems to be zero interest or talk of anything, not even in the past.
  • It's a shame, really, since it's one of the many gateways into downtown. I imagine what must have originally killed this area was when they brought 496 through (I've seen old pictures of it, and it was the business district for Lansing's African American population), and the city just never thought to redevelop the area.

    I'd hope if the old Deluxe Inn site is ever developed that may that'll spur the city to make the area to the north a development area. I guess if enough people wrote the city, they might be able to get Planning & Development to focus on this area like they have with Washington Square and the area around the Stadium (Stadium District), but that'd definitely be after those other areas. It seems that after the city got Washington Square full, everything shifted back east of the river.
  • The Deluxe Inn site will almost certainly be a major part of bringing together Downtown and Reo Town. I just hope the Land Bank holds out for a good project on the site. The City could do a lot to spur development that way if they'd finally get around to doing the streetscaping on Washington, it really doesn't look good south of Kalamazoo.
  • A couple new tenants in the Knapp's Building. (Well, specifically Dewpoint, but I was unaware of the earlier one mentioned in the article)

    Lansing IT company Dewpoint moving to Knapp's Centre

    Glad to hear that the Knapp's Center seems to be doing okay, and glad to have more jobs and people downtown. Has anyone heard any update on the Fashion Incubator at Knapp's? Looks like it is opening soon: The Runway at Knapp's
  • It's great to see a sizable company relocate there. This reminds again that I need to get down there and take some pictures or at least walk by to get a look up close, I'm still impressed every time I drive by. It's still sinking in that the Knapps and Ottawa buildings are fixed up, I was losing hope of anything happening to either and now they've both been rehabbed and to very high level of quality to boot.
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