Knapp's building redevelopment



  • LSJ article on the progress of the Knapp's redevelopment: State eyes renaissance zone for Knapp's project

    There's also a City Pulse article on Knapp's this week, but it's not online yet. They said that they will be knocking out a section of glass block this week and installing some clear glass block to see if affects the building's character. I'll post a link to the article when they put it online.
  • It really says something that they've already sunk money into pre-construction work on this without having all the funds lined up for the renovation. That's rare; and it's even rarer for the Eydes, so this is a very good sign that they have the confidence that everything will line up for them to start heavy construction.
  • The City Pulse article on Knapp's: First sparkle of summer
  • $36M Knapp's redevelopment approved for Renaissance Zone

    Not sure if this was in one of the other recent articles on Knapp's, but the renaissance zone was approved for it. I believe that the only incentive that hasn't yet been approved is the federal brownfield grant. I think at this point, even without the brownfield grant, this project is virtually a sure thing to get going this year.
  • Has anyone noticed the new sections of glass block? I was looking at them the other day and I don't think it affects the character of the building at all.
  • This is disappointing, but it doesn't sound like too big of a setback: Knapp's redevelopment effort hits setback
  • Knapp's is officially back on. It sounds like we won't see any major work underway until well into next year though.

    Eyde to proceed with Knapp's project in downtown Lansing
  • The City Council has OK'd a $5.9 million federal loan for the project.
    Internal demolition could start this winter, Eyde officials have said, with construction tentatively slated for next summer. Work could be done by the end of 2013 or early 2014.
    Eyde also is waiting for about $5 million in funding it wants from Great Lakes Capital Fund, of Lansing, and Huntington Woods-based Michigan Magnet Fund Inc. to be finalized. The two groups use federal New Market tax credits in order to draw private-sector investors and expect to hear more about the credits early in 2012.
    Lansing city council OKs $5.9 million federal loan for Knapp's project
  • Eyde is wrapping up asbestos removal and will be seeking bids for interior construction within a matter of weeks, according to an article in the LSJ.
    Retail space will be on the first floor and a mezzanine level, with offices on upper levels and about 22 residential units on the fifth floor. Apartments are expected to be mostly two bedrooms and 900 to 1,200 square feet, Clouse said.
    I'm happy to see this project is still alive, I had thought that it fell by the wayside.
  • The LSJ is running an article on their homepage that says that the construction of the Knapps renovation started today. They said that the work can take 12-16 months.|newswell|text||p
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