Gaslight Village



  • economics1, there are two photos from a half an hour ago now on I must admit, it wasn't obvious to post the link, they are both named Gaslight Village, I don't have time to figure this out while at work! Please feel free to add the link to this page! :)
  • Hey I tried a search but couldn't find them. Its easy to post the link. When you first go to click "My Photos". After you do that the link for your photos will be in the address bar. Then you just cut and paste.
  • economics1, thanks, I thought there was some process. Here is the link
    I searched as well, and did not see them. Renamed them, Gaslight Village, East Lansing. Will work further to figure out the terminology I am obviously missing!
  • economics1, search under East Lansing, they popped right up.
  • Here is the picture on this page for people:


    And here's a link to larger version of it, both courtesy of Jennifer T, of course.
    Gaslight Village - larger picture update
  • Thanks binto. I tried to find it but but had no luck.
  • Ugly.

    The only benefit I can see is that the Gaslight is near the Lake Lansing - Chandler/Abbott intersection. Chandler Rd. is not safe for pedestrians and the lack of proper sidewalks between the Water park and apartments/condos to the north is a crime.
  • I don't really think it looks that bad. BTW, Abood Properties the developer of West Village is proposing condos on the site just north of here.
  • I found a design for the whole site, it shows the properties in the back as well. I'm not sure when construction will start on the back, or how much I like the horseshoe design of the street.

  • I seen that before, I guess I'd actually have to see it get built to know if I like or not.
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