Development in 2010 - Biggest successes; biggest disappointments?

edited December 2010 in Lansing
As 2010 rolls to a close, what was development in Lansing's biggest success story for the year? What about its biggest disappointment?


  • I'll start with my biggest disappointment: a tie between seven block still being a field and the failure of Sobi Square to materialize.

    Lansing's biggest success stories for me: again a tie. The demolition of the DeLuxe Inn and the new City Market at full capacity.
  • My biggest disappointment is realizing that so many projects were dead in the water. The ones that I most wanted to see succeed were Capitol Club and The Lenawee.

    The biggest success story in my eyes would have to be the Broad Art Museum beginning construction and the Accident Fund HQ nearing completion.
  • I think my biggest disappointment of 2010 was the multiple announcements from LCC about their surface parking lots. Its a shame that we keep paving over green-space for asphalt parking lots when we could be building up.

    My big successes are the same as hoods. I am really happy to see the Broad Art Museum under construction, Accident Fund HQ nearing completion, and also FRIB beginning planning.
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