Red Cedar Renaissance



  • MichMatters - I apologize if I offended your precious sensibilities or ruined your thread. Perhaps it's your video that I commented on. However, I WAS being constructive in offering that, instead of bulldozing green space Virg bulldoze vacant car dealerships. That's it.
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  • I think we all welcome and enjoy a healthy, even heated debate here, regardless of your point of view. That being said, the debate shouldn't turn demeaning or argumentative, disrespect just isn't welcome here.
  • Well, this redevelopment is as crucial as a project can be in terms of growth. The redevelopment of this area includes the old Police Station, which MSU officially began discussing in the last Board meeting, City Center II, Bus Rapid Transit, and the Brody neighborhood from MSU, which is next to the golf course. So, even though this is a Lansing project, for this redevelopment to move forward it will require the approval of the main leaders in the region. Personally, I would hate for this redevelopment to be just a few fancy buildings and a park. This project should be used as an instrument to improve connectivity between EL, MSU, and Lansing.
  • I couldn't agree more. This project could prove pivotal in pushing development further west down Michigan Ave, and in the redevelopment of the Frandor area.
  • Bernero is making another push to get the a proposal to sell the Waverly and Red Cedar golf courses on the November ballot: Another shot at golf course proposals
  • I'm bummed they're adding Michigan Ave Park to that proposal because I doubt whoever buys that property is going to continue letting people sled down the hill there.
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    I'm not sure I'd call this a hold up. From what I understand, there weren't enough people at the Committee of the Whole meeting to send it back up to the full council.
  • Here are the red cedar redeveloment proposals:
    American Campus Communities
    Jerome / Ferguson
    Plante Moran

    And the rfqp:

    The rfqp claims that they will make a decision about which to pursue on Monday. The Jerome / Ferguson proposal includes the two car dealership properties.
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