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Decided to start this thread, as this will be a major project coming to the area in coming years. It seems that the city has formally begun the planning for the redevelopment of part of the Red Cedar Golf Course south of Frandor. It also appears they want to finally sell off the old Waverly Golf Course they manage in Lansing Township on the westside:
Lansing eyes redeveloping Red Cedar golf course

Melissa Domsic | Lansing State Journal

May 6, 2011

LANSING - Lansing's economic development officials want the Red Cedar Golf Course transformed into a mixed-use development with housing, restaurants and retailers surrounded by a natural recreation area.

On Monday, the Lansing City Council will get its first look at proposals that would ask voters for permission to sell a portion of the golf course along Michigan Avenue near the Frandor Shopping Center, as well as the Waverly Golf Course at Saginaw Street and Waverly Road and the adjacent Michigan Avenue Park at Michigan Avenue and Waverly Road.

Council members have until May 23 to make a decision in time to have the proposals placed on the Aug. 2 ballot.

I'll be very interesting to see what the plans are. I'm particularly interested to see what plans they have for Waverly Golf Course since it was mentioned, but no details were given. Obviously, they must have a buyer for it.

EDIT: More info from WILX:
LANSING -- "It's a plan to sort of turn lemons into lemonade."

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has a grand vision for the frandor area.

"Right now, you have a closed, empty [Red Cedar Park]," he told News 10 on Friday in an exclusive interview. "You have closed, empty establishments, old car dealerships -- not the most pleasing sight for somebody traveling from East Lansing here."

Bernero, Michigan State University, East Lansing officials and some business developers are planning a complete revitilization of the area, what the Mayor calls the gateway between Lansing and East Lansing.

"This Michigan Avenue corridor is one of the most underdeveloped corridors in the state, certainly in the region," Bernero said.

The plans, to be announced in detail Monday at an 11 a.m. press conference, are to sell off some parts of the old Red Cedar Golf Course for business development (he's expecting that to go up for a vote in the August primary) and leave the rest for green space.

The project would also revamp the retail area just north of Michigan Avenue, which is currently spotted with closed buildings.

And at the heart of the proposal is a new system of ponds to help filter dirty rain water that has been running for years directly into the Red Cedar River, bringing with it tons of pollutants.

"It's about being environmentally responsible," Bernero said. "Really doing a better job of managing the watershed, cleaning up our river."

The mayor, who hopes to finalize the plans within about a year, says much of the development would be paid for by private business and/or through federal and state grants.

"Especially in the midst of these hard times," he said, "We need to re-double our efforts to promote economic development and jobs."


  • I'm really glad to see that they may have some real, workable plans for the area. I can't wait to see what they announce on Monday.
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    From the LSJ:


    This is just a concept, of course, but it kind of shows exactly what part they are talking about developing, and what will be left to nature. Not quite sure I'm making out what's on the other side off Michigan Avenue.
  • happened across this today... not sure if its been posted...
  • The video is fantasy, especially in this era. In the end, they'll put in a strip mall on the south side of Michigan Ave., walkable from Brody, and call it good.
  • Thanks for the video, I hadn't seen it before. I think it's great that they are thinking up instead of out, but I would have hoped to see them think towards including non-motorized transportation opportunities throughout the plan.

    @Freedom Fries: I would agree that the hopes of this project will probably not materialize to the scale that they are looking for, but they can probably find a developer willing to build a 3 or 4-story building along Michigan Ave with first floor retail. There are enough students living north of Lake Lansing that would be more than happy to move closer to campus.
  • I don't think the level of development seen in the video is that much of a fantasy, I always envisioned the Frandor area as an ideal location for a much higher density retail/residential/office area. This development would simply have to beat out East Village to be successful. This area is perfectly situated to tie together downtown Lansing and East Lansing, as well as be a regional retail and office hub. When you factor in the proposed Michigan Ave transit improvements and their proposed "park and ride" hub in Frandor, the scale of whats shown in the video (at least on the south side of Michigan) starts to seem a lot more realistic, even probable in my eyes.

    Besides the private development, I'm really liking the look of the new Red Cedar park. I can't wait to see a fully fleshed-out plan for the park, I like the idea of having a main entrance and what looks like a small welcome center when entering from Brody and it's always good to see the Rivertrail extended.
  • The video portrays Michigan Ave. as some sort of grand Champ du Mars boulevard. Perhaps in different economic times this might be achievable. This is Lansing, MI we're talking about.
    The big surplus of commercial space in south Frandor a la Detroit could be reused rather than having more green space gobbled up. That's what I'd like to see. Bulldoze the old Sawyer Pontiac and plop the strip mall there. Put another in the old Dollar space. I think we' all agree that not having shopping near Brody is a giant missed opportunity. Strip malls are easier to convert and reuse than a single - use / big box project. Car dealerships and gas stations were the among the first signs of middle-class wealth up and down Michigan Ave. and the original bringers of sprawl. They've all moved to the burbs over the years. Sorry for the rant, nothing you didn't already know.
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    Honestly, not to be mean, but none of that made sense or it was just a bunch of incoherent rambling. The plan has always to front Michigan at this location with retail. The video even shows that, but before even this specific plan that was the case. Instead of poo-pooing everything, perhaps you'd like to be more constructive. All of this "Frandor a la Detroit" etc is totally unnecessary on this board. There is a difference between being direct, and then just being blunt/rude.
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    These are convertible-reusable strip malls freedom fries...

    Only they also have 3 plus floors of office/residential space above them. This is not only more eye appealing, it is a draw for residents and customers who will be spending money, and contributing to the local economy. Why wouldn't you want the fantasy and all the revenue that comes with that?
  • Can we just talk about how I am obsessed with the "Welcome to Lansing" entrance off to the side. It's the polar opposite of what entering Lansing feels like now and the difference shows, quite starkly, how badly a revamp is needed. That whole area is .....less than pleasant.

    Stoked for this.
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