Student Housing and an update

edited August 2006 in East Lansing
I heard today that construction has started on the apartments near the Red Cedar golf course. I would like to go over there and take a picture of the progress, and may get a chance to go today (Sunday).

What do you think of MSU's student housing, whether it be the dorms or off campus? My question is pertaining to the new urbanist outlook of the housing. Could the university be doing more to create a better urban environment on campus? Is the off campus housing too spread out?

I feel that the developments on the northern tier really should have been built closer to downtown East Lansing, and may hurt the business district in the long run. There are good developments popping up downtown though, and I like that for the most part they are mixed use. The exception being the development on Lot #7. What do you think?


  • It's beginning to look like the northern tier developments are having no negative effects on downtown east lansing. Downtown EL is prospering along with the northern tier. I noticed that they have started construction on University Village also, I still can't really picture what it will look like when completed.
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