Train wreck picture in Lansing

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I have an old photo of a train accident at, I believe, the station on Washington Ave., Lansing, MI probably in the 1920's. I would like to get more info on when it was and any details. If you would like to take a look at it I can e-mail the pic.

Pam Patrick


  • There are many sites online, such as, that you can upload the image to and then give a link to it on this forum. It would be great to see it :)
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    Yes there was a train derailment at the Washington/REO Town Station in the 1940's. This site REO Stationhas a photo of the accident including a couple other historical photos. I was actually in the attic last fall and you can see the new roof timbers from when it was re-built. On the exterior it is close to impossible to see where the building was re-built; those masons sure were great craftsmen.
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