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Well, I'd seen this on their website, but I didn't realize it was a priority to them. Apparently, according to the Lansing City Pusle, the Gillespie Group plans to break ground on this project (on the far eastside), tomorrow:

Gillespie’s ‘Midtown’ plan

By City Pulse Staff

October 30, 2013

Wednesday, Oct. 30 — Developer Pat Gillespie is scheduled to break ground Thursday on his “Midtown” project on Lansing’s eastern border. The mixed-use residential/commercial building is at the former site of the Silver Dollar Saloon, which was demolished over four years ago.

The planned 66 “eclectic, high-end urban flats” at 3411 E. Michigan Ave. is near the Lansing/East Lansing border. The development also includes plans for a 1,800-square-foot PNC Bank branch. It’s expected to be completed in August, shortly before the completion date of the first phase of Gillespie’s Marketplace project downtown.


A Chinese character pronounced “jia,” translated as “home,” is part of the building’s logo. “The logo is intended to start a conversation with the community about the value of engaging Chinese, and all international students at Michigan State University, in order to expand on a shared idea for global Michigan,” the press release says.


It's another one of those cheap, colorful crackerboxes of his (honestly, did the Stadium District break his bank, or something?), but I'll keep my complaints to a minimum sense he's the only one putting himself out there, lately. :) Plus, it's better looking than Marketplace and seems to have a more fleshed out concept behind it with the branding.

So, that's construction started on two of his projects, with only the corner of Larch and Michigan left. It'll be interesting to see what he has planned for this corner given that it's a tighter site, which means something a bit more vertically minded.


  • Actually I was going to post that they have already started site work (prior to the 31st). I went running by there on Tuesday and they had already blocked off the sidewalk and had started doing excavation work on the site.
  • I think it's interesting that the cities want to brand this area as Midtown. I'd always envisioned a midtown being built up around Sparrow Hospital. I'd really like to see this kind of stuff around the hospital.

    BTW, I believe like other new construction residential properties at the city limits, the first floor of this will be parking aside from the bank fronting Michigan, because all of this land is in a flood plain. I always found it odd that Lansing in particular wants to develop this land so badly given how badly it floods. I'd have kept it natural area.
  • Yes, the first floor will be parking with the exception of the bank. Given its location it's hard to not develop on the land. But it would be nice to include more pocket parks and remove much of the surface parking lots in favor of vertical parking. For example, it would be nice if the street frontage of Frandor Plus got some similar developments, and the surface parking lots were reduced to make way for some more green space between the Frandor Plus commercial and the street-frontage buildings.
  • February 24th courtesy of Gillespie Group's facebook page:





  • Lansing and East Lansing will take off as they incorporate more international elements within the community, especially in their respective downtown areas. A project like this is a good first step. What you don't want is to isolate communities, but to have them all combined in the community. Retention of international populations will grow important cultural and business attractions, like nice restaurants.
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