The Outfield



  • The LSJ mentioned in their article on the stadium upgrades, yesterday, that now that the renovations are just about complete, that the Outfield will begin construction later this month.
  • I was just by there and noticed it looked like they were working on the elevator towers, or were those already built up a little?
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    I haven't noticed any construction on the actual apartment building, but maybe I missed it.

    EDIT: There is an elevator tower, but I believe it's for the deck from the stadium and not for the apartments.
  • Just went to the team's website, and they seem to have yet a second update of renderings. I appears that they largely take the massing of the second set of renderings, but go back to the materials and colors on the first set of renderings.







    Are these new, or did I get mixed up and these are intermediary?
  • I think these are new, just very similar to the previously revised renderings. I'm all for the more subtle colors, but I'm worried that the quality of materials here will be at the level of Marketplace at best, and that's disappointing. As with just about decent development in this city, I'll still be very glad to see it go up though.
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    I liked the coloring and massing on the second renderings...

    B9315527156Z.1_20141217161505_000_GVT9EFCR7.1-0.jpg the first renderings of the Outfield looked like a cheaper version of Stadium District. But, any of these will be better than Market Place if not just because they are using some brick on these. But, it does seem like a regression.
  • Having brick instead of concrete block is a massive improvement. I see the the architect here is Neuman Smith yet the building looks very similar to the Studio [intrigue] designs built be Gillespie. From now on I guess I have to give Gillespie all the credit for his projects bad to mediocre architecture, he's really going to have to step his game up as competition moves in.
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    Neumann Smith is a Detroit-area based firm that does quite a bit higher quality work than Studio, which is why I'm a bit disappointed they seem to have revered back to the cheaper-look. So, yeah, this is still better than Market Place (even the first version), but it's quite a step down from their second architectural proposal with Neumann Smith.
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    Okay, this is getting ridiculous, now. lol The LSJ has new renderings out for the Outfield:




    They'll be done next April, and Gillespie says framing of the structure will begin this week.

    I guess the elevator towers we see going up make sense, now. The closet one to the center will be for access to the apartments, and the one we see closest to Cedar will be for the deck.
  • At least it's the nicest design yet. It doesn't look there's any lap siding in these renderings and the colored areas may actually be tile, it looks like there's good quality materials all around.
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