Capital Area Multi Modal Gateway



  • Thanks for the pictures, it looks like it's getting pretty close to completion.
  • June 19th courtesy Laux Construction's facebook page:









    I'm really loving this, but I can't help to think that not being able to find additional funding for this will render it kind of functionally obsolete quicker than CATA has imagined, particularly if the Coast-to-Coast service between Holland/Grand Rapids and Detroit via Lansing actually becomes and actual service along the CSX tracks to the south.
  • The station will open this summer according to the Lansing State Journal. There is no set date, but it's good to see this make it back into the media. There is a small photo gallery at the LSJ website. They finally show the property from the back. What I was a bit surprised back is how much further set back from the tracks the building is from the platform than the old station. For whatever reason, I thought it was right on the tracks.
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    Haven't seen many photos from trackside - these from Saturday. Looked pretty much finished. The nice new station certainly causes you to see how rough the platform itself still looks! Needs some benches trackside for nice days of waiting.


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    Between the platform and the overhead wires for the light (you telling me they couldn't have buried that? Really? Does even look safe.), this is a very unflattering view. I hate that the thing came in so over budget originally that they didn't have money to redo the platform. I'd really hope that CATA is actively searching for grants to redo the platform, but they'll probably want to finish the station and just call it a day.
  • I'm just going to assume they have plan to replace the platform. I can't see them not replacing it in the relatively near future.

    I'm glad to see this nearing completion though, and I'll be even happier to see the old station go. I'd guess the people who actually travel through here are downright elated to be rid of that old station.
  • I have been by there a couple of times lately and it looks like there has been a delay or something because it is not open yet. I was wondering if anyone knows what that might be. I was thinking I read that they were going to open the new building in August.
  • I heard the delay has something to do with the lease since part of the building is built on railroad-owned land. Construction is for all intents and purposes completed.
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