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  • Yeah, they don't have the most interactive or informative website. I was trying to find the zoning definitions to see what's allowed in each classifications, but couldn't find that either.
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    In a story covering Scott Chappelle's failed Park District development was some images on Red Ced Flats/The Avenue proposed near Park Lake and Grand River discussed earlier in thread which he's developing:



    Quite a bit different than what's been proposed in the past. It will include three residential buildings and one mixed-use building. Demolition on the site is planned for December 2, and he's shooting for an aggressive fall 2016 completition for the housing to be ready for MSU students.
  • This development is separate from The Avenue. The Red Cedar Flats will be built where the office park currently sits at Northwind and Grand River. The Avenue will be about a half mile further east, the building facing Grand River in that development will be directly west of the Instant Oil Change.

    I don't have much faith in Scott Chappelle, but I do hope he succeeds with this project. The office park currently sitting on this site is a bit of an eyesore and seems to be underused, I'll also be happy to see another mixed use building fronting Grand River.
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    Thanks for that correction. I guess I'd missed the Red Cedar Flats. Went to the township website and found the site plan, but it won't load for me:


    For whatever reason, the old packet for The Avenue does:

  • They both load fine for me. You aren't missing much with the Red Cedar Flats packet, just a few basic black and white site plans and floor plans.
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    I've always had problems with pdfs for some reason. Maybe I need to reinstall Adobe or something, but I do try and keep up to date with the different versions. It's funny, because the Avenues packet is ten pages longer.

    Anyway, I'm really just interested to see a larger version of what's posted above. For whatever reason the LSJ is big on simply embedding tiny thumbnails that don't enlarge in articles. They never really used to do that.
  • I just use Google Chrome, it has a built in pdf reader that work far better than Acrobat.
  • I just use Firefox, but maybe that's the problem. Everything opens fine if I download it to my computer and use Acrobat, but I hate that extra step.
  • Chrome's advantages over other browsers isn't as big as it used to be, but it's still my favorite. I'd recommend giving Chrome a shot if not for any other reason than the built in plugins, especially if that's where you're having trouble.
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    Firefox has a built in PDF reader that can be enabled by going to the preferences, applications, selecting PDF and choosing Preview In Firefox.

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