Biggest apartment building in the region?

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Anybody know which apartment building has the most number of units? I'm thinking of something that is a single building, or at least connected. If we included MSU dorm buildings, I believe Akers is the largest dorm on campus. Outside of campus, I think Lansing Towers is probably up there.


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    I'm having trouble finding unit counts for the dorms, but according to, Holmes Hall is the largest residential building in square feet on campus. It's 394,953 sq ft. Akers would be #2 at 385,797 sq ft.

    This shows the west half of Holmes Hall,
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    I'd never thought of this, but, yeah, I think it's Lansing Towers at 140 units. Most of the other large mid-rises (almost exclusively senior subsidized housing, BTW) are around 100. Of course, Lansing has plenty of apartment complexes with more units, but this may be the single largest building. The biggest I've been able to find that even matches Lansing Towers is Fountain Place at 108 units.
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    Here's a picture of Lansing Towers for comparison. The thread is much better with pictures :)

  • I just looked around a bit and came up with these in addition to Fountain Place and Lansing Towers:

    Motor Wheel Lofts: 119 units
    Riverfront Towers Senior: 200 units
    Capitol Commons Senior: 200 units
    Friendship Manor: 172 Units
    Somerset Apartments: 100 units
    2900 Place: 231 units
    Ferris Park: 106 units
    Tamarack Apartments: 100 units
    Cedar Place: 220 units
    South Washinton Park: 188 units
    East Glen: 100 units
    Burcham Hills is also pretty large but I can't find any info on the number of units.

    I'm thinking that has to be about all of apartments with over 100 units in a single building in the area. As you can see about three quarters of these are senior apartments and there are plenty more senior apartments with 50-100 units in a single building.

    So 2900 Place is the largest single apartment building in the area by number of units, that's kinda surprising to me.
  • I've never actually been to 2900 Place, so had no idea it was that big. I guess it's lack of height is deceptive. I also keep forgetting how many apartments these senior towers pack in. Cedar Place was certainly a surprise to me. South Washington Park also surprises me, and I wonder if it doesn't include the other townhomes added on?
  • I'm not sure if the South Washington Park unit number includes the townhomes but I don't think it does, there are only about 20 of them anyways. It says there are 113 efficiencies, 70 one bedrooms and only 5 two bedroom units, explaining the large number of units given the buildings size.
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    That's probably what explains it. Having been in the likes of Riverfront and Capital Commons, I know that there smallest are one-bedrooms. I guess you can get away with efficienices in public housing. Riverfront, Capital Commons, Friends, etc...are only subsidized and senior.
  • This is a birds-eye view picture of 2900 Place in East Lansing from Bing Maps,
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