300 Grand (formerly Gateway)



  • They've been working incredibly slow on this one. I think it' taken them two weeks to put up the steel you see there and they're still not done with the first floor, I'm thinking the upper floors will be wood though.
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    How much do you think the crane collapse has slowed them down? Worth noting that work didn't slow down much on the St. Anne Lofts when one of the upper floors collapsed.
  • Not much, I think that happened before they were even pouring the first floor. I know concrete and underground work can take awhile sometimes, but I've been surprised at how long it's taken them to put up the amount of steel that I think would normally go up in a day or two.
  • Glad to see this building taking shape. It will give a nice feel to this part of Grand River. Pizza shop, flower shop, bank, bar, coffee shop -- this stretch has the makings of a nice little business district -- it even crosses to both sides of the street.

    I agree with previous comments that the drive thru is waste of space. The retail space should be very valuable right here, in looking at the plans (above) I'm worried that the allotted retail space is too small and will really limit what could go in there.

    I'm just glad bigby's building was spared :)

    Also, any movement on the proposal to build apts above showroom and shine? I liked that idea a lot.
  • I went by today and they are busy working on adding in the extra floors. The construction site was pretty busy. Here's a picture of the walls going in.
  • @MJ I haven't heard anything new about Showroom Shine. I think they received the necessary city approval so it should just be up to them to start building whenever they feel like.
  • Way back in the late 70's when I was at MSU, I was good friends with a girl who lived in the house that was at Hillcrest and Grand River, and I hung out there quite a lot. It was all women living in that big old house. They always had big parties there and in the spring we all would sit on the front porch smoke weed and wave to the people on the buses coming and going from the little bus station that was up the street.Then we would walk up to Arby's to cure the munchies. You could smoke almost anywhere in East Lansing in those days.

    I think the new townhouses are nice and a step above most new East Lansing developments.
  • Getting brick today.

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