Delhi/Holt/Mason Development

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This sounds the opposite of ambitious, but I guess it's a start. Delhi Township wants to come up with a new vision for Cedar Street through the township, notably the part through Holt:
Curt Smith | Lansing State Journal

Delhi Twp. seeks ideas, vision to boost Cedar Street

DELHI TWP. – Have issues with Cedar Street? Traffic too crazy? Not enough convenient parking?

Township officials are paying attention and are beginning a process to look at how life along the busy thoroughfare can be improved.

Residents’ input will play a major part in the process, officials said.

“It’s not an engineering project,” said Tracy Miller, Delhi’s community development director. “It’s not a let’s-rebuild-the-road project.'"

“It’s ‘how do we develop a plan for redevelopment of the entire corridor as we move into the future?’”

Miller said a good hard look at Cedar Street has been part of the township’s master plan for some time, and last year, as decline along the corridor appeared to outpace progress, officials decided to take action.

Howard Haas, executive director of Delhi’s Downtown Authority, said his group has been helping to combat the problem, buying up blighted and "environmentally challenged" properties and preparing them for redevelopment.


The street isn't really all that bad, it just hasn't realized its potential. There needs to be more "there" there, if that makes sense.


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    Fairly nice apartment complex (for a lower-scale development) going up in Holt just south of the Lansing city limits. More specific, it's right off of Cedar at Delhi Commerce Drive at the former site of the Holt Manor Mobile Home Park. Anything in the inner-ring is good for the area, and it's proof that lower-scale - even if its rather generic - doesn't have to be ugly vinyl-sided with unfinished wood balconies.

    $11M apartment complex coming to Delhi Twp.

    DELHI TWP. – Activity toward putting a 12-building apartment complex on the site of a former mobile home park has begun on the township’s north side.

    The 7.6-acre property at 2363 Cedar St., behind the Subway restaurant just south of Willoughby Road, was occupied by the Holt Manor Mobile Home Park. The tract, however, has been unused since Holt Manor was closed and dismantled about 10 years ago.

    The new facility, called Prestwick Village Apartments, will be built in two phases and cost about $10.75 million, according to Tim Hovey, owner of the company developing the site, DeWitt-based Gryphon Group.

    The complex will be geared to low- to moderate-income tenants and there will be 91 units in all, Hovey said.

    “There’s a lot of cool projects going on by Lansing developers but they seem to be hitting an income strata of $800 to $1200 a month in rent,” he said. “We saw a need for a broader spectrum of rental incomes.”



    This is also just off CATA's #8 route, so they didn't need to include a whole lot of parking.
  • Hmmm...
    Holt's first gated community gets OK despite opposition

    DELHI TWP. – A $38 million, 269-unit residential development on what is now greenspace has gotten the green light despite some misgivings about it being the township’s first gated community.

    The development, called Willoughby Estates, will be built on 40 acres on the 4100-block of Willoughby Road, just east of the railroad tracks. The Sycamore Trail runs along the tract’s south side.

    The Board of Trustees approved the project Tuesday night. The developer, Willoughby Estates LLC, said in its application that construction is scheduled to run June 1 through the end of 2017.

    Community Development Director Tracy Miller told the board Tuesday that Willoughby Estates will consist of four different types of buildings, all owned by the developer and rented:

    * Apartment buildings – Seven 33-unit buildings. Each are three stories, with elevators.

    * Rental cottages -- 18 standalone units that will resemble single-family homes. They will be located on the west side of a pond and have attached garages.

    * Townhomes – Two four-unit buildings with attached garages. They will be located between the rental cottages and the Green Drain.

    * Raised flats – Six two-unit buildings, with located east of the Green Drain and intermixed with the apartment buildings. Garages are on the first floor, rental units on the second.

    Does the township have an online meeting packet like some of the others do?
  • Holt Road between Aurelius and Eifert is being resurfaced and converted from a 4-lane road to a 3-lane road with a middle turn lane and paved shoulders for bicycles. A new concrete sidewalk is also being added to the north side of Holt Road from Eifert to Hamilton to connect the Ram Trail to the business district.

    More details at
  • An update today on Willoughby Estates. Construction is now underway and the developer plans to have construction finished by August 2017.

    More details at
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    From the article:
    DELHI TWP. – Construction is underway on a $38.5 million apartment complex in Holt.

    Called Willoughby Estates, the complex will be a mix of three-story apartment buildings, two-story townhomes, duplexes and single-family cottages.

    Construction started this summer on the 22-acre property along Willoughby Road between Pine Tree Road and the railroad crossing east of Sycamore Trail.

    “Holt will have a class A apartment complex,” said developer Scott Wieland, of Holt. “Holt is becoming a bedroom community that’s preferred in the Lansing area.”

    The property has three man-made lakes, and the Lansing River Trail crosses through the front of it, which Wieland expects to be appealing to prospective tenants.

    The complex will include 269 units between the four housing options that can accommodate roughly 450 people, he said. Willoughby Estates will also include a club house, pool, dog park, storage facility and car washing station.

    Looks like something they'd build out on the Northern Tier. This is a good sign for Holt.

    BTW, just realized that this is just literally a few blocks east of the Lansing city limits and a few blocks west (seperated by the railroad tracks and cemetary) from Valhalla Park. In fact, this isn't too far down the road from Prestwick Village Apartments. It's great to see the older northern part of the community and township nearest Lansing revitalizing. I hope this eventually leads to development on Just-a-Mere in Lansing not too far away. I forget the story of this piece of land, but it was a failed development behind the hotel.

    Can someone see if they can find a site plan? I'm interested at how many outlets this will have onto Willoughby.
  • This is a screenshot from their walkthrough video which shows the entrance on Willoughby,

    Here's a link to the video, Willoughby Estates - Virtual Tour Architectural Animation. The quality of these fly-throughs is getting really good! The development looks good, and it is nice that they are marketing their proximity to the Lansing River Trail too (actually the Sycamore Trail but they connect).
  • These apartments don't look bad for what they are. They remind of The Lodges in EL.
  • This looks like a nice development for Holt. I can see the stone lodge or Alpine details, which are nice.

    I have been traveling around Michigan these past few months, and I wonder about and look for buildings or houses were one could say, that is a Michigan style house or building. For example in this development the stone work could be round field and river stones rather than flat, and with split plank wood siding, if an architect was trying to design a Michigan style lodge building or cottage. Up north you see a lot of field stone houses and buildings which are unique or different from stone houses in Pennsylvania, or the Rocky Mountain States. I noted also in The Pulse, they outlined Lansing's love of Mid-Century Modern, which could be a good place to start when designing a development in the Lansing area with a true Lansing Michigan style. I'd like to see designs that get away from kind of phony or uninteresting, uninspired lazy design.
  • I can't really say that I've ever noticed a Michigan style, but that may have more to do with the limited time I've spent outside of Michigan. I could certainly get behind designs that pay homage to any unique regional/local styles though. And I wholeheartedly agree with your last sentence.
  • I do not think there is a Michigan style in contemporary architectural design today. What I was thinking that designers could reference ideas and materials that are unique to Michigan or the Great Lakes region. Say for instance, for a housing development they could design it with reference to the Prairie School design with brick, and sand stone, or modern with large copper panels and glass. A warehouse could use the gable of our barns to create something that looks better than a pole barn. Scholastic Gothic references are everywhere in Michigan, and could be incorporated in a contemporary design. Maybe even iron could be used along with visible wood and water that could be used in new ways. Another Michigan design reference could be streamline auto, smooth and rounded at the edges. I guess this post should be in off topic, I kind of got away from Holt!
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