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The redevelopment of the property on the southwest corner of Collins & Dunckel is going to be a little bigger than I imagined. It'll be 629k sq ft spread between 6 four floor apartment buildings (453 units), a 90 room three floor hotel and a one floor retail building. It's also worth noting that it looks like every building in the development (except the retail building) will have underground parking. The development will still leave a sizable parcel at the corner open for future development. No renderings yet, but there is a site plan.


More info can be found on pages 6-20 of the 10/27/2016 Planning Commission agenda.


  • This looks really good. I am happy to see they are going to build new buildings. The circular part of the building was kind of cool the rest is unremarkable. I think the rolling corn fields of that neighborhood will provide visitors and nice impression of Greater Lansing where we have MSU farmlands right in the middle on our city. Collins Road could use a repaving.
  • I'll just be happy if this amounts to something after a couple failed projects there.
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    This is a huge improvement over both what was there before, and what the plans before it were. The density on the literal edge of the city is surprising to see. They could have easily cleared the site and put up another motel or some lazily-planned strip mall. I'm honestly shocked to see any underground parking right off a suburban freeway exit.
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    I found this news story from the student housing proposal in 2013: Student Housing Development Proposed for Old Lansing Hotel. I was surprised to see that even then the property had been empty for 14 years. I remember a proposal to turn it into a condo/hotel combination at some point, but I couldn't find anything on that. I thought they had even started work on the condo project and stopped long before the student housing proposal. Anyone remember anything about the condo project? Or if the work on the building was done back then or as part of the student housing proposal?
  • Yes, the development was called "The House" and we talked about it on here, but I can't find where. It'd have likely been in the general thread.
  • The House was the student housing development mentioned in the story above. I was asking about a previous proposal for condos that I vaguely remember, but can't find anything on.
  • I looked up info about some of the people involved in this:

    The only thing I could find outside of social media on the "Branoff" in "Branoff-Randle" was this Capital Gains article on the ENSO restaurant he was part owner of. The article gives this rundown on his credentials: "Branoff grew up in Flint, has lived in East Lansing since 1975, partnered on two Planet Hollywoods — one in D.C. and one in Hawaii — and owned Weight Watchers in Indiana, Italy, Greece and Sypris."

    The "Randle" seems to be Will Randle, who is also Vice President of Westpac. Though I thought Westpac was owner and/or property manager of many East Lansing properties (they may still be), the only things I can find on them are an article about them selling The Rocks and another article about their "Abbot Manor" apartment building being condemned.

    The architect noted on the site plan, Zehran and Associates, looks like like they do some really nice stuff. They seem to be almost entirely focused on a sort of mountain/ski lodge architecture, being as there's nothing like that around here it could make for an interesting addition to the area. Their portfolio is definitely worth checking out.
  • I believe "Branoff" was part of "Branoff Asset Management", which used to own the "Abbot Manor" building, I believe prior to Westpac owning it.
  • The 10/27 Planning Commission agenda marked this project as being open for public discussion at the 12/12 City Council meeting. All I can find in the 12/12 City Council meeting minutes is that this item was referred to the Planning Commission again. Any reason why this would be bounced back? They don't have any media of the meeting online so there's no way for me to watch what was talked about.

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    It doesn't appear that it had anything to specifically do with the project, because the Fluid Chiller (company on the northside, I think) expansion was also referred back to committee. Might has just been that it was the last meeting of the year, and maybe they typically do this so as not to restrain a new council president in the new year.

    And, maybe it was even more simple than that. Could be that they were rushing. I've noticed that the council doesn't like to do significant development approvals at the end of the year.

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